Siris tree, which is full of nutrients. In Tamil, this tree is called Vaagai

Many people are familiar with the tree as it is found with leaves like drumstick leaves and fruits like acacia concinna.

The Siris tree is a very ancient tree that grows from ten feet to thirty feet in height. As the branches of the tree spread out and look like a large umbrella, the shade under the tree is permanent, hence, the tree is also called the shade tree.

Siris tree with small leaves, fragrant beautiful flowers, and high seed pods has been a part of Tamil life since the Sangam period. During the Sangam era, Tamil Nadu warriors would wear flowers on the head as a symbol of victory after the battles. That's why even now Tamil people use the word "Vagai soodi va" to wish. 

The Siris tree is one of the preserved trees in the temples called Thala trees for the benefit of future generations by preserving the ancient trees! The Siris tree, which is considered for stopping soil erosion, also brings many benefits to human beings.

It has various medicinal properties. Usually this tree gives a beautiful view. Its resin, bark, flower, seed, and leaves have medicinal benefits.

Siris tree is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Dry the bark in the shade and make a fine powder. Mix a spoon of powder with milk and drink daily to make appetite. Mouth sores will heal. 

To cure Eye Diseases: 

Tea made from Siris tree leaves is the best remedy for eye ailments, from redness of the eyes to eye irritation, eye itching, watery eyesight, blurred vision, and night blindness.

To enhance the eyesight:

Wash the leaves a little and boil in two tumblers of water with cumin seed until it is reduced to half, add little palm sugar and drink to increase the eyesight. This will strengthen the eyes and eliminate the effects of eye diseases including night blindness, redness of the eyes, and watery eyes.

Relieving eye pain: 

Shallow fry five or six leaves with castor oil and cool down. Rinse the eyes well with water, close the eyes and place the fried leaves on the eyelids. After a while remove them. This will cure eye pain, swelling of the eyes, including eye irritation.

Flower medicine:

The fragrant flowers of the Siris tree can be used to make medicine for poisons. Sprinkle a little pepper powder with a few flowers or buds, leave two tumblers of water, heat it, until when it is half. Drink this water by adding little honey. All the aches and pains in the body getaway, the toxins in the body are broken down and the poison is cured.

Teeth, gum related problem

For many, the problem may be in the tooth and gums. Toothpaste, which is commonly used by everyone, is the cause of oral problems. Much of the problem can be solved by changing the toothpaste and food you eat.

Powder the root bark and brush the tooth with it. All gum-related diseases will be cured. Your teeth will get stronger.

Boil the siris tree root bark with water. When the water is warm, gargle in your mouth. Doing this daily will cure mouth sores. Your teeth will get stronger. 

Take siris tree resin and make a fine powder. Add this with milk or butter and eat daily. This will cure ulcers. If there is no ulcer in the intestinal, you will not get mouth sores.