Start fruit-Carambola 

The medicinal benefits of the fruit are innumerable. These are the ones that directly benefit the body. Here we will learn about the medicinal properties of star fruit.

Not many people are likely to know about star fruit. This fruit is widely grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia. It is grown only in some places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is called the star fruit because of its star-like shape.

It is yellowish-green in color with a sweet and sour taste. It is widely cultivated in the islands of Australia, South America, Hawaii, and Florida as it has winter disease healing properties. This fruit is available at low prices. You can eat this directly. It is also one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.

Winter is the season for this star fruit. Buying and eating Star fruit during these periods can cure nasal congestion, colds, flu, and waterborne diseases.

Below are the medicinal properties of star fruit.

To get rid of constipation

Star fruit is high in fiber. If you eat this, you will get rid of intestinal ulcers and constipation. If you eat a lot of this fruit during the available seasons, you can live without constipation.

Reduce the risk of hemorrhoids

Indigestion increases the irritability of the gas in the stomach and attacks the source area. Thus causing hemorrhoids. Eat two pieces of star fruit after dinner to get rid of the effects of hemorrhoids. Also eating frequently will reduce the impact of hemorrhoids.


There will be some damage to the skin during the rainy season. Star fruit can be eaten to get rid of skin diseases.

Boost immunity

The body is healthy only if the body has a high level of immunity. Star fruit has the power to boost this immune system. Eating star fruit during the available seasons will boost the immune system.

Strengthen the nerves

Star fruit strengthens the nerves. Frequent consumption of this fruit strengthens the nerves and improves blood circulation.

10g of star fruit has

Carbohydrates - 6.73 g
Sugar - 3.98 g
Fat - 0.33 g
Protein - 1.04 g
Pantothenic acid - .39 g%
Folate - 12g
Vitamin C - 34.4 g
Phosphorus - 12 mg
Potassium - 133 mg
Zinc - 12 mg

Star fruit is currently sold in fruit shops in cities like Chennai and Madurai.

Let's all enjoy the Star Fruit that gives very good health