Sugar killer

There are two types of Sugar killer greens. Gymnema Sylvestre and Hiptage Madablota. (Siru kurinjan and peru kurinjan keerai in Tamil)

Gymnema Sylvestre also called as sugar killer has great medicinal value. It is widely used in Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine. It is a climber plant. Climb and Spread on trees. Most people do not like it because it has a bitter taste. It is named as follows in other languages.

Tamil - Sirukurinjan
English - Sugar killer
Sanskrit - Mesha shiringi
Telugu - Poda patri
Malayalam - Sirukurinjan
Botanical Name - Gymnema sylvestre

Its leaf and root have medicinal value.

Reduce the impact of diabetes

Sugar killer is the staple food of diabetics. Today more and more people in our country especially in South Tamil Nadu are suffering from diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted that the impact of diabetes will be greater in the world by 2025.

Dietary variation is a major cause of diabetes. Diabetes is also caused by factors such as physical inactivity and stress.

Sugar killer is very helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes. These bitter leaves help in controlling the sugar level in the body. 

Wash the leaves well, add a few pearl onions with this and boil in little water. Leave it and soak for some time and eat. Thus eating twice a week will reduce the impact of diabetes.

Dry jamoon plum nuts and sugar killer leaves in the shade and make powder. Add a spoon of powder with a tumbler of water and make tea and drink every morning. Diabetes can be controlled. 

For Stomach ulcers, mouth ulcers

Many people struggling with stomach ulcers caused by excess gas due to recent day's food habits, eating un time, eating more gastric food from the street. Intestinal ulcers can also be caused by alcohol, smoking, and drugs. This can cause sores in the mouth as well.

Stomach ulcers and mouth ulcers can be cured quickly if they take sugar killer greens cooked with mung dal, ghee without adding spice. Also, this removes stomach worms.

To strengthen the body

If you dry and powder the sugar killer leaves in the shade and drink its infusion every morning, to get a good strong body without any impact of the disease.

To stimulate appetite

Some people will always lament that they are not hungry. These people should take cooked sugar killer with mung dal every day in their diet to stimulate their appetite. This will increase the digestive power.

To alleviate body heat

Adding sugar killer leaves twice a week to the diet will reduce body heat.

Cough, Fever

Drinking sugar killer leaves cooked water will cure cough and fever.

Strengthen the liver

Boil the leaves and eat with grated coconut and salt to get rid of liver damage. Also, shallow fry the leaves with castor oil and apply it to the swelling area to reduce the pain.

Poison by bite

No matter how poisonous it is, apply the leaves on the bitten spot and drink the leaves juice will break down the poison quickly