It belongs to the climbing or trailing woody-stemmed plant. Its vines do not grow long distances. If the root is dug, the tubers will look like they were stacked layer by layer. The tuber itself has medicinal properties. It grows spontaneously in sandy soils, swamps, and river banks.

Other Names in Tamil are: Thaneer Vittan Kizhangu, Thanneer Mittan Kizhangu, Sataveri, Satavaari, Sukshuma Pathira, Perusudhakesi, Narayanayithiyami, Beeku Pathiri, Peruputhirika, Satamoolai, Satavari, Narayani, Neer Beeruthanthi

In English: Asparagurce Morsus

Medicinal properties:

Peel the skin of its tuber and clean well. Dry in shadow and make it a fine powder. Mix a teaspoon of powder with a tumbler of milk and drink twice a day. This will reduce body heat completely. Drinking continuously for 21 days is good.

Take a teaspoon of Asparagurce Morsus powder and Redwater lily flower powder each and mix it with one tumbler of cow milk. Add a little palm sugar candy and drink like this daily twice. This will cure gonorrhea disease, diabetes, Secondary syphilis disease.

Boil the Asparagurce Morsus leaves and rub ghee on top of the leaves. Apply these leaves to small blisters to cure quickly. Add 1 teaspoon of Sataveri leaf juice with 1 tumbler of milk and drink it to reduce body heat and stop whitening. Boil the Sataveri tuber in milk and drink only the milk to get rid of the tasteless, bad digestion.

Satavari tuber can be boiled in milk and eating with a little honey can cure and remove stomach upset.

Take 100ml of Asparagurce Morsus juice, the same amount of butter, 1 liter of milk, and boil it until it becomes like ghee. With this add 1 teaspoon of sugar, honey, long pepper, and boil. Store this, and take a teaspoon 3 times a day to get the strength to the body. It will increase masculinity.