Palmyra jaggery is added to Ayurvedic medicines. In Tamil Nadu, palm jaggery is said to have two types. A completely unpolished, thick blackened jaggery is called a "karuppatti". The sugar which is formed into refined crystals is called 'Panangkarkandu' (palm sugar candy) and both have medicinal properties.

The sweet toddy obtained from the palm tree is a remedy for various ailments. The sugar in palm sweet toddy gives the body the heat it needs. Glucose regulates the body of thin and emaciated children and gives good nutrition.

Cures constipation, peptic ulcer, etc. in pregnant and postpartum women. Regulates blood pressure. It also works like good medicine for diseases like typhoid, secretion, hydrocephalus, etc. Drinking this will cure heart disease. The heart will be strengthened. The calcium in it strengthens the teeth, prevents bleeding gums, and changes the brown color of the teeth. The iron in it removes bile and eliminates all skin diseases including rashes, dandruff, and eye diseases, colds, and tuberculosis.

Modern studies show that the antioxidants in palm sugar work against diabetes, inflammation, and boost the body's immune system. It also helps us to be energetic in our daily lives. High in Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and Low Glycemic Index, it is ideal for diabetics.

People suffering from peptic ulcer disease, those suffering from nausea and heartburn, can drink coriander infusion mixed with palm sugar.

People suffering from colds and lung-related ailments can take dry ginger, pepper, and long pepper(Thirikadugu) infusion with palm sugar. However, they should take this medicine as advised by their doctor.

The milk we use every day contains the required amount of nutrition if we drink in the morning and in the evening mixed with a little cardamom and palm sugar. This makes the body gets energized and full of nutrients. This milk also provides relief from stomach ulcers, mouth ulcers and promotes good sleep. Following this, the number of sperm in men increases due to ingestion.

Palm sugar is a boon for young women who do not have regular menstruation. Menstruation can be smoothed out by mixing sesame infusion with dry ginger, pepper, long pepper extract, and a small amount of palm sugar as required.

If diabetics eat gooseberry juice mixed with palm sugar as advised by the doctor, the disease can be controlled.

People with respiratory and sinus problems can drink diluted milk mixed with a little turmeric powder, dry ginger powder, and palm sugar.

If we experience bitterness in our mouths after consuming Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines, we can take a little bit of palm sugar instead of white sugar. Similarly, when the doctor prescribes the medicine mixed with milk, it is better to add palm sugar instead of white sugar. Thus the potency of the drug is not reduced and the health of the body is improved.

Have palm sugar instead of white sugar and enjoy a healthy life!