Medicinal flowers for a healthy life

1. Dry Basil flower well in the sunlight and make powder. Add this powder with milk and drink it to develop the brain well.

2. Rub the lemon flower on the head while taking bath to cure bile diseases.

3. Finely grind the curry leaf flower and drink with buttermilk or whey. This will cure stomach pain.

4. Grind the jasmine flowers and rub them on the head and take a bath. Eye irritation and headache will go away. Eyesight will be good.

5. If you eat raw neem flowers, you will get good health.

6. Brain nerves get well agility if ladyfinger flowers are soaked in milk and eaten. 

7. Grind the tomato flower along with the jaggery and eat it to heal ulcers.

8. Mix sapodilla flowers with yogurt and drink every morning before sunrise to get rid of stomach worms. Stomach worms will be destroyed completely.

9. Finely grind the basil flower with the cashews and drink with milk. Blood flow will be normalized.

10. If you eat banana flowers along with lentils, the ulcer will be cured.

11. Fry hummingbird tree flower with its greens and eat it. Constipation will be cured.

12. Grind the white lotus flower well and mix it with honey and drink it.
The brain develops well.

13. Clean the white lotus flower and make juice. This will cure diarrhea and cough.

14. Grind the jasmine flower and rub it on the body while bathing. Skin diseases can be cured.