In this post, we will learn about the medicinal properties of Aristolochia Bracteolata

Aristolochia Bracteolata belongs to the genus Garlic. It is found in Travancore in South India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and Sri Lanka.

In Tamil it is called as Aduthinaappalai, Aaduthoda palai, Pangampalai. 

Tamil - Adu thinna palai

English - Bracteated birthwort

Sanskri - Dhuma patra

Malayalam - Aadu tinlappala

Telugu - Gadug gudupa

Botanical Name - Aristolochia bracteata

To strengthen the body

Many people today are declining in physical strength due to reduced physical activity and eating foods that are lack natural nutrients. They get tired right away even if they do a little hard work.

If they dry and powder the leaves of Aristolochia Bracteata drink the infusion, the body will get stronger.

Get rid of stomach worms

Stomach worms cause many problems in the body. These cause stomach ulcers. Young children often suffer from vomiting and diarrhea due to these stomach worms.

If you dry the Aristolochia Bracteata leaves in the shade, powder it well, take one teaspoon with honey, the stomach worms will disappear quickly.

To get rid of watery stool

The watery stool can lead to many diseases in the body. It is good to dry the leaves of the Aristolochia Bracteata and drink the infusion to get rid of this watery stool.

For insect bites

Sometimes beetles and insect bites cause poisoning and psoriasis on the skin.

For this, take the leaves of Aristolochia Bracteata, grind them and apply them on the bitten area and the poison will break. We can prevent psoriasis from spreading further into the skin.

To get rid of Eczema

Grind the Aristolochia Bracteata and apply them to the eczema-affected area to cure quickly. 

To prevent hair loss

For those who are worried about hair loss, take Aristolochia Bracteata leaves, dry them in the shade, mix them with powdered 

Acacia Concinna and rub it on the scalp during bath.

For women

Some women suffer from menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, and irregular bleeding. They can easily get rid of the above effects if they drink a decoction of Aristolochia Bracteata leaves.

Also, if you take Aristolochia Bracteata seeds and grind them and mix them with hot water and give it to pregnant women, the pain during childbirth will be reduced. 

Let's live a healthy life by using such medicinal Aristolochia Bracteata.