For women and diabetics

More than 60 percent of people living in South India, especially in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore are affected by diabetes. The root cause of diabetes is due to our diet.

At present the food we eat does not get the nutrients our body needs. We eat foods that contain chemicals. In addition, lack of exercise, sometimes overwork, and not eating on time can lead to organ failure and diabetes. People suffering from diabetes can clean the banana flower and chop it into small pieces and fry it with a small onion, garlic, and pepper to strengthen the pancreas and secrete the insulin required by the body. Thus controlling diabetes.

Blood Hemorrhoids

When going to the toilet, the blood comes out along with it. We call this by blood Hemorrhoids. People suffering from this disease can be cured quickly by adding banana flowers to their diet twice a week.

Body heat

People with body heat can reduce by eating cooked banana flowers with mung dal, ghee twice a week.

Get rid of constipation

Some people have indigestion and constipation. This will cause irritation. If they mix banana flower with water, add cumin and pepper to it, boil it, filter it and drink the water when it is light heat, constipation will go away.

For women

It can be said that the banana flower is a boon for women. Women are more prone to menopause during menstruation. If they take half of the white part inside the banana flower, squeeze the juice, boil it with a little pepper, mix it with palm sugar and drink it, the bleeding will be controlled. Physical discomfort, abdominal pain, labor pain will decrease.


Women are more prone to depression due to leucorrhealeucorrhea will be controlled if they drink banana juice.

Relieve hand and foot irritation

People suffering from hand and foot irritation can cure by crushing a banana flower and adding castor oil to it and 
fomentation on the affected areas.

To cure Cough

People with dry cough can get rid of cough by drinking banana juice.

For virility

If you add banana flower to your diet twice a week, virility will develop.

To cure Infertility

Some suffer from infertility. Banana flower is a boon for them. Frequent addition of banana flowers to the diet will remove infertility and the baby will be blessed