Ocimum Sanctum

Basil (Ocimum Sanctum) is an herbaceous plant. Found in countries like India and Sri Lanka. All parts of the plant, which can grow up to about 50 cm, are medicinal. It is commonly found in temple gardens as it is used in temple worship especially in Lord Perumal temples. It is also customary to grow basil at home.

Everyone knows holy basis also know an as Tulsi. Its medicinal properties are numerous. Myths say that it also has spiritual greatness. Basil is one of the must-grown plants in everyone's home.

We can grow basil even in a small pot at our convenience. But it needs to be carefully maintained.

There are so many benefits from this plant. It's hard to say. A few of them are for you below.

If a healthy person eats basil every day, intestinal, stomach, and mouth-related problems will not come for the rest of his life.

Basil leaves can be used for digestion and freshness. Relieves bad breath. Basil can be consumed as an antiseptic for our body. If we continue to drink water-soaked with basil leaves, we will not get diabetes.

When the summer sessions arrive, the smell of sweat will come along. To avoid it, put a little basil leaf in the bathwater the day before and take a bath in it. The bad body odor will disappear and run away.

Basil leaves can also cure eczema and rashes that have been on the skin for several days. How? Grind the basil leaf with lemon juice and rub it on the skin.

People with diabetes can also chew basil leaves. Doing this will control the sugar level. This wonderful basil will do what you can't do with a pill.

People with urinary incontinence should grind basil seeds well and eat them daily. Along with this medication, needs to drink enough water daily.

And some other medicinal benefits are

* Remedy for colds, coughs, and dry coughs.
* Resistant to infections.
* Increases digestive power and increases appetite
* Relieves stomach upset
* Basil seeds increase manhood
* Increases memory power
* It is also a medicine for conjunctivitis, asthma, shortness of breath, hip problems, and kidney problems.