Ruellia strepens

Psoriasis and even heavy lumps on the skin can sometimes turn into an incurable scar. In some people, the skin around the wounds becomes thick and scarred as the wounds take longer to heal. The body water that accumulates in these scars often becomes infected again by germs and re-incarnates as scars. These wounds, called keloids, are referred to as Aaraakrandi in Siddha medicine. These glandular lesions, which are caused by psoriasis, are more common on the chest and back. Scars caused by surgery, scars caused by a basic injury, and scars caused by irritation can turn into Aaraakrandi.

Wounds caused by Aaraakrandi do not heal, the skin becomes thick and cracked, with persistent water, blood, and pus, sometimes with a foul odor. Studies have shown that the use of simple and abrasive topical medications can be very effective as the surgical removal of these scars can exacerbate the disease again. Ruellia strepens (Granthinayakam) is a simple herb used to soothe the incurable wounds caused by Aaraakrandi. They are found mostly in the hills.

The tannin-like chemicals in the leaves of the plant Ruellia strepens, which belongs to the Acanthaceae family, expel dirt from heavy wounds, remove germs, and repair microscopic blood vessel blockages and heal them. Grind the Ruellia strepens leaf and apply it regularly on the wounds to cure. This will drain the water well and the wounds will heal quickly and the odor will go away.

Grind the Ruellia strepens leaves with any fruit juice and add an equal amount of coconut oil and boil well. Cool down and store it in a bottle. Apply this on chronic wounds daily to heal quickly.