Why? For What? How?

It is only by raising such questions that we can fly out of the narrow circle. Questions and answers are the means by which our knowledge is refined and enlightened. Some of the questions and answers are here about health for you.

People with skin diseases should not eat eggs:

The protein Avidyne in egg whites prevents it from being absorbed in the small intestine along with the vitamin Biotin, which is produced by intestinal microbes in our stomach. Biotin plays an important role in skin growth and regeneration of dead skin. Therefore, when the level of biotin in the blood is low, skin diseases occur. This is why people with dermatitis should not eat eggs - Source: Bio-Chemistry.

Milk egg whites break down metal toxins:

Proteins such as albumin and globulin in milk-egg whites combine with the carboxyl group of metals to form a metal protein, which precipitates the metal and prevents the spread of toxicity.

Gooseberry and Immunity:

Gooseberry is high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an important role in the reproduction of cells. It is also high in antioxidants, which help prevent disease. Therefore gooseberry is one of the key herbs in Sidha.

Honey is given as an adjunct medicine:

Honey is absorbed from the stomach directly into the blood. When given medicine in combination with honey, the drug is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Honey also contains high levels of vitamin C. As it boosts the immune system, it heals the disease and regulates the organs of the body. So that the disease does not recur.

Sweet Toddy- The soft drink of Tamil Nadu:

Harvesting is over. The resulting paddy has all been cut and added. What to do next? The proletarian son looks up at the sky. The sun shines without even the slightest mercy. Ah ... what is this rainwater? Tastes the water droplets splashed above. It's like a desert. Sweat dripping from the palm tree which has green straws.

Sweet Toddy 

Yes, that's right. Nature's nectar. Palm - The unique property of the Tamils, it is no exaggeration to say that the palm is the best of the many specialties of the Tamil soil. There are a total of 5.01 crore palm trees in Tamil Nadu alone. With the participation of five crore Tamils, every Tamil will definitely get a palm tree. The palm is the hereditary property of the Tamils ​​which grows and bears fruit in all soils irrespective of soil variations such as red, gravel, sand, and black soil. The best example of the brain laziness of Tamils ​​is the palm tree.

All parts of the palm tree that grows with little pride, still not polluted by the toxins of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, look like the best trees.

Integrated Biological Chain

It is the integrated biological chain of palm-Acacia leucophloea-goat (In Tamil "Panai-Udai-Aadu. Here Udai means Acacia leucophloea tree ) that has made man live in the arid sand dunes. The palm tree helped to set up the hut. To make palm jaggery by the cottage industry, palm sweet toddy was extracted. Acacia leucophloea help fuel the industry; And helped to raise goats by shedding its pods; The grass under the palm and Acacia leucophloea trees also grew and became fodder for the sheep. The goats fertilized these trees. The need for money was met by palm jaggery and goats.

This wonderful ecological chain has been shattered by Prosopis juliflora trees. The palm does not grow in the shade of the Prosopis juliflora tree. But the palm thrives in the shade of the Acacia leucophloea, the native tree of our country.

Difference between Sweet Toddy and Palm beer(Kal in Tamil):

Sugar-laced sweet toddy tends to ferment quickly. Within 6 to 8 hours of extracting the juice, the alcohol will start to add. Then gradually increase the amount of alcohol by 5%. These are the palm beer which tradition people had as booze. This kind of turning is caused by yeast fungi floating in the air. The lime is often rubbed into the pot containing the sweet toddy so that it does not immediately turn sour.

Everything in the sweet toddy:

Sweet toddy can be collected in both male and female trees. A tree secretes 10-12 liters of sweet toddy daily. Up to 18 liters can be obtained under good conditions. 

In 250 ml of turmeric,

Acidity 7.2

Total sugar content 26.8g

5.5mg of iron

35.5mg of calcium

32.4mg of phosphorus

82.3mg of thiamine

44.4mg of riboflavin

12.2mg of vitamin C.

674.4mg of nicotinic acid

47.7mg of protein

Energy 113.3 calories

Thus sweet toddy is a wonderful drink packed with all the nutrients. It is an excellent tonic for the lean. Lightly fermented are good for the body. It contains a lot of vitamin B complex. Therefore, vitamin B deficiency does not appear in those who drink this beer.

Drinking 1/2 liters to 1 liter of sweet toddy daily in summer is very good for the body and prevents summer diseases.

Oil seeps through the skin: 

This question is asked by many ayurvedic doctors. Well-known medical scholar Pyotr Lynco responded to this.

‘‘ Sometimes products can go in through the skin. Occasionally skin can absorb fluids, liquids, and solvents. "

The philosophy of the nine planets:

 Nine planets can be referred to as each body organ in our body. 

Sunday - Trachea

Monday - Brain

Tuesday - Blood

Wednesday -Lungs

Thursday - Liver

Friday - Birth Organs

Saturn - bone

Rahu - Hands

Ketu - legs

The secret to the longevity of ancestors:

The actual lifespan of man is 300 years. Scriptures such as the Bible say that ancient humans lived for about 300 years. Modern medicines are tested with Animals before giving them to Human. The same study we could make for calculation of human animals as well. Yes , you will know the truth.

In rabbits, which eat uncooked, naturally occurring green foods, begins to mature and start giving birth at 3 months of age. Its lifespan is about 60 months (20x3 = 60 months = 5 years). A goat will give birth starting from it's 6 months of age. Its lifespan is about 10 years (20x6 = 120 months). A cow mature at  1 year and start give birth. Its lifespan is about 20 years (20x1 = 20 years). Thus the human race, start ready to give birth from  15 years, has to live 20 times as long as 20x15 = 300 years. This is the natural law. This longevity may be due to the fact that they live in harmony with nature and eat vegetables, greens, and fruits steamed (a) without cooking. There is historical evidence that Thirumoolar lived from Tal century to the 5th century.

Starting eating cooked, seasoned, fried foods will shorten life. Environmental pollution further shortens life with no access to clean air and clean drinking water. Apart from this, due to smoking and alcohol addiction, the life expectancy will be further reduced. Today we have to assume that our life expectancy is often below 100 years. Only Tamils ​​in worldwide are proud to call our body as 'Temple'. This is an unchanging fact for the 600 billion people in the world. Our body is nature's gift to us. Realizing this, we too can live a long and disease-free life. 

Forgotten Tamil medical system - "Attai Vidal"

The Siddhas, the forerunners of Siddha medicine, left behind a number of astonishing medical practices. Many of the best of them have gone unused, hidden, forgotten or destroyed. Some medical methods have been adopted by foreigners and developed in other ways. 

In today's changing modern world people are reluctant to follow such methods and there is insufficient knowledge and inexperience among the doctors about these methods which are causing the above mentioned methods to perish without developing. Therefore, by simplifying such methods to suit the present world and using them in a modern way, the skepticism among the people can be dispelled and a great revolution can take place in the surgical field of Sidha medicine.