Gooseberry's root, leaf, bark, and dried fruit provide an astringent taste to our bodies. The flower cools down the body and loosens the stool. The fruit also acts as a diuretic and laxative.

Gooseberry is an important herb in Sidha medicine. It is for this reason that Adiyaman gave this fruit to Tamil poet Auvai on that day and he is still spoken of in history today. This is illustrated in detail in the following nutrients.

Flour-14 kg. Protein -0.4 kg. Cholesterol - 0.5 kg, Phosphorus - 21 mg, Calcium - 15 mg. Iron - 1 mg. Vitamin B1 28 mg. Vitamin C 720 mg. Niacin - 0,4 mg. Calories - 60. The amount of Vitamin C in it is unmatched by any other vegetable.

A gooseberry contains the vitamin C found in thirty oranges.

Take 15 ml of gooseberry juice mixed with 15 ml of honey and, 15 ml of lemon juice and drink it only in the morning daily to completely cure diabetes mellitus.  Grind a handful of its leaf, grind it and mix it with whey and give it to those who have diarrhea.

Take 1/2 liter each of Gooseberry Juice, 
Alternanthera sessilis Juice, Milk, 2 Liters of Coconut Water, One and a half Liter of pure sesame oil,  15g each of Licorice, Cardamom, kostum, zedoary root, wild turmeric, Nutmeg, Nutmeg flower, dry ginger, black pepper, long pepper, Terminalia belliricaTerminalia chebula and boil all together until it becomes half. Apply this on the head 2 times a week to get rid of the fullness of the cataract issue, jaundice, night blindness, dandruff, hair loss completely.

Put 2 kg of gooseberry in 4 liters of water and distill it into half a liter and add half a kg of sugar and make syrup. With this add 1/2 liter of ghee along with 30g each of dry ginger, black pepper, long pepper, and 10g each of cloves, cardamom, Indian bdellium, Mexican Mint(coleus ambinicus), Embelia Ribes (False black pepper), licorice, arrowroot flour, coriander seed, cumin seed, ajwain, and mix. Take moluccabean size in the morning and evening along with milk to Malaria, bone fever, phthisis, cough, fever, tuberculosis, phlegm, gas trouble, sinusitis, digestion problem,  all will be resolved.

Dilute gooseberry leaf in water and gargle with this water to cure mouth sores.
Rubbing gooseberry bark powder on the tongue with honey will cure sore tongue.
Dilute 20 gms of dry gooseberry with 20g of green gram in 1 liter of water and distill until it becomes 200 ml. Take 100 ml in the morning and evening to get rid of dizziness and nausea.

Boil 15 g gooseberry in half a liter of water and distill until it becomes 100 ml. Take 20ml with 20ml honey 3 times 4 days to get rid of the bile.

Gooseberry juice cures whitening. It can be used to stop vomiting. Eating gooseberry makes your eyes bright, cools the body. Jaundice and bile will go away. Cures constipation.