There can be no one who does not know about Apple. Some more information about it.

These are the flowers of the apple tree

Apple History:

The apple currently being produced belongs to the genus Malus Domestica. Its predecessor, the Malus sieversii, is still found in Central Asia countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and China (Xinjiang region). The species is resistant to a variety of pests and diseases. Thus the species is still used in apple research today. Apple varieties Malus baccata and Malus sylvestris are also hybrids used to create new apple varieties.

Most likely, next to the orange trees, the apple is the tree that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Apple has been an important fruit in the diet of people living in places like Asia, Europe, Argentina. Apple became popular after the arrival of Europeans in the United States.

The word apple comes from the Old English word aeppel (meaning: round).

Apple is a cold side fruit. Apples were first cultivated in Central Asia. Currently, apples are grown in all cold regions of the world. Apples, like other fruits, are often eaten uncooked but are also used in many processed foods.

The apple tree is a small deciduous tree. Can grow up to 5-12 m tall and broadly branched. Its elliptical leaves are located on the stalk alternate. Its white flowers are five-petalled. Apple fruit ripens in autumn.

There are about 7500 varieties of apples grown. Different varieties are cultivated according to climatic conditions. Apple trees do not bloom in the equatorial regions because they need cold to flower. The much-loved apples are crispy and crunchy.

Its use in medicine has increased. Apple is the most widely grown fruit in Shimla and Kashmir. Apple is available in all seasons. Can be purchased in all towns.

Nutrients of apple fruits:

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. According to the English proverb, apples have long been considered very good for health. Apples have now been shown to have anti-cancer properties. Apple also helps to cure heart disease, weight loss, and obesity.

2. Some of the chemicals found in apples protect the brain from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Scientists at Cornell University have discovered that the phenolics in apples, which are naturally antioxidant, protect the brain from nerve damage.

3. Red Delicious apples grown in the New York area were used for this research. Although all apples contain these chemicals, scientists say their amounts vary depending on the year and the place of growth.

4. Apple milk has long been made with apples. Milk from apple curd is widely used in Tibet.

5. Apple fruit contains iron, protein, fat, phosphate, sugar, potassium, sodium, pectin, malic uric acids, vitamins B1, B2, C, etc. The chemical compounds in apple fruit are chemically compatible with each other. The organic compound helps the body absorb iron easily. Eating apple fruit cures anemia quickly. The blood circulation is running smoothly.

6. Reduces unwanted fat and increases HDL. Helps to lower sodium and lower blood pressure. Prevents excessive bleeding. Good energy is available to the nervous system and brain. Makes the digestive system run smoothly. Calcium is stored in the body. Helps in insulin secretion. Insulin secretion helps to lower blood sugar. Sodium protects the body from damage.

7. Prevents blood pressure from rising. Because it gives so much power to the brain, it gives good memory to those who give more mental work to the brain like thinkers, and students. Helps to destroy germs. If children have diarrhea, give boiled and mashed apples to cure. People with epilepsy can mix 60 ml of apple juice and 60 ml of fig juice twice daily to reduce the severity of seizures in three days.

8. People with dry cough, can eat apple fruit daily to cure. People who are not physically fit and have lean bodies will gradually gain weight if they eat apples regularly. 

9. Men who are of marriageable age may have sensory secretions if they eat apples daily. Some people have bad body odor. People who have these problems will use expensive scents and powders. The above drawbacks can be remedied by consuming two apples daily to purify their blood and prevent bad odors. The body smells good naturally.

10. Prepare apple juice as needed and heat it in a pan until it becomes viscous. If you take this syrup and eat two teaspoons in the morning and evening, your high blood pressure will come to a balance and it will function at an age-appropriate level. Heart patients and those in need of brain nutrition can take advantage of this method. Will give a good result. People with hemorrhoids can get rid of hemorrhoids gradually if they eat apple fruit daily.

11. If you continue to eat apples for a while, all the ailments related to arthritis, hip arthritis, sciatica, nerves disorders will gradually decrease, and complete healing will occur. Take the required amount of apple fruit and steam it like Idli. Mix the required amount of honey, mash it and eat to energize the brain. There will be no fatigue in the brain. Tooth and gums will get strengthened. Nerve weakness will be eliminated. Provides all the nutrients the body needs.

12. Apple Juice:

Cut an apple and take it. Peel one-inch ginger piece and add it. Add 500 grams of carrots. Add the required amount of palm sugar, add a pinch of salt and beat in a mixer to give a natural juice. Drink this juice daily. It will increase masculinity. It will prevent heart disease. Preventing the onset of cancer. It is especially important in preventing colon cancer and ascites. Sick cells are renewed. Helps to prolong youth.

13. Apple blossoms are white in color. You can buy it at country pharmacies. Buy and clean the flowers, add sugar to them, mix well, put it in a container, cover it with a cloth, keep it for 48 days under sunlight. Eat 10 grams of this daily to increase masculinity. The heart will be strengthened. The brain gets the energy it needs.