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Do not remove Skin to get complete nutrients

Not only selecting good food enough but also awareness on how to eat too are most required. Many of us have a habit of peeling everything from fruits like apples to peanuts. Doing so, you may lose many important nutrients through it.

Here are some suggestions on how to handle:

Try to avoid animal protein:

It is better not to rely too much on butter, milk, meat, cheese, eggs, etc. available from cattle for protein. Unlike plant proteins, they take longer to digest. These can give you a heavy, uncomfortable situation. To make matters worse, it is customary to drink acidic beverages (for example, drinking soda after eating pizza) to help digestion. It is best to avoid 'acetic' foods such as sugar, milk, dairy products, artificial soft drinks, and to include more 'alkaline' foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Dairy products can be avoided

If you can not avoid eating milk daily you can eat soy milk or almond milk. Experts say it is best to avoid dairy products, which are now often suspected of being adulterated.

The oil:

See how much oil you take in your diet. The oil extracted directly from the seeds, nuts are the best. Do not use the 'refind oil'. It loses fiber.

Change the cooking method

It takes a little extra time to cook healthily, without oil. But even if we take so long, it is worth it. Cutlets can be roasted with peanut flour. Even if it takes a little extra time, you will still get enough oil from the peanuts.

Eat 'whole'

Most foods contain nutrients and aromas in their skin. When you peel the skin the nutrients go away with it. Have you ever wondered why we add spices and 'sauces' to season vegetables? When you peel the skin, you remove the aromas with it. If you get used to cooking as a whole with skin, you can reduce the addition of spices. Likewise, unpeeled rice is better than polished rice. You can use 'wheat' instead of maida.

Do not wash too much

It is better to wash vegetables, fruits, and grains in water. But do not overdo it. Doing so will cause us to lose all of our nutrients. Steam the vegetables rather than boil them in water. It requires less water and may not lose nutrients. Do not wash after chopping vegetables.

Eat fruits alone

Do not eat fruits with food. Fruits are digested faster compared to other foods. They ferment in your stomach because they contain sugar. That’s generally good. But digestion takes place more slowly if you eat fruits after eating a lot. Prolonged fermentation can cause flatulence and constipation. It is also good to eat whole fruit instead of juice. Fruit juice is high in calories. But you can get more fiber when you eat the whole fruit.

Follow the monkey habit

Nature is the best teacher for us. In that sense our close relative the monkey guides us. Have you ever seen a monkey eating apple as a whole? But it will definitely peel bananas and oranges. You should follow the same style in your diet. Do not peel vegetables and fruits that do not need to be peeled!

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