There are few varieties of millet available. One of them is the horsetail millet. In Tamil, it is called Kudhiraivali. It is a plant that belongs to the genus Grass. It is a type of dryland crop. It is also known as grass Samai. Horse-tail Millet is called Barnyard Millet in English.

Rice is a common name. After the husk and bran are removed from any husk-covered grain, we call it is Rice

Horsetail grain is a type of millet. The name is due to the fact that the grains appear as clusters of hair hanging from the tail of the horse after the grain has been irradiated.

Horsetail is much smaller in size than other cereals. There is a proverb in Tamil "Murthy sirithanalum keerthi periyadhu". This means even though the man looks very small, the appreciation he gets is more". The same applies to horse-tail millet. 

It is widely cultivated in the hills of Uttaranchal, India.

Horse-tail millet is better nutritious food than the grains we usually eat, such as rice, wheat, and semolina. Easily available all over India, it is economical and suitable for all ages. These are non-toxic as they are rainfed crops. That is the first benefit. But, we can't store it for a long day after removing the husk.

Note that rice also has a type called horsetail samba. The shape of the paddy is similar to that of a horse's tail.

In the countryside, it is called Gurudavalli. Now cultivated only in some places of Tamilnadu. Spinach gravy would be awesome for this horsetail millet. The juice is great to eat with a Rasam or horse gram gravy. Food items such as rice, idli, dosa, upma, gruel, pakkoda, twisted Indian snacks are made from horsetail millet grain.

This grain is also used as excellent fodder for livestock and birds. It is a high-calcium, high-phosphate, high-fiber whole-grain cereal.

It has 6.2g protein per 100g, 65.5g starch, 2.2g fat, 9.8g of fiber, 4.4g of minerals, 11 mg Calcium, 280 mg phosphorus. Also contains 15 grams of iron.


Horse-tail millet rice can be cooked and eaten like rice or we can make flour and make chappathi or roti (Indian bread) out of it.

Horse-tail millet contains as many nutrients as any other cereal. Gives strength to the body. High in fiber. Horse-tail millet rice limits the level of sugar in the blood. Doctors recommend eating this, to cure diabetes.


By the time we realize the glory of whole grains, the price of the whole grains is out of reach in the supermarket. Its price is still very low today if asked in the villages. If you want to use cereals go directly to the farmers and buy. Be helpful to them.