Medicinal benefits of flowers:

Many people think that flowers are only for beauty and worship. Like vegetables and leaves, flowers have a special place in Ayurveda and Unani medicine as antiseptics.

Usually, we find our girls wearing a lot of flowers in their hair. Although it gives beauty to women, it also has a magnificent reason. Our ancestors practiced already what science has recommended today.

Today women wash their hair and dry it on an electromagnetic heater. This electromagnet makes hair fall and affects the brain over time. Slowly kills brain cells.

The flower has a natural character. Absorbs moisture like cotton. When you wear a lot of flowers in the hair, it absorbs the moisture from the hair and also gives beauty to the hair.

Now six feet of hair is gone, 6 "(six inches) of hair has become. Correspondingly, you should be happy to see at least 6" flower strings hanging in the hair. Jasmine is a boon for the bride and for women who are willing to attract men. Cupid will be mesmerized by the smell of jasmine! We live in harmony with nature in our daily life, dress, and lifestyle.

Let us see the list of flowers and their medicinal benefits below

1. Drumstick flower
In Tamil - Murungai Poo

Removes bile. Vomiting is cured. The eyes will get cooling. 
Increases libido. 
If you put this flower in boiled milk and drink it daily, you will get stronger. Increases masculinity. 

2. Red Fragrant Screw Pine Flower
In Tamil - Senthalampoo

The headache will go away. Get rid of phlegm, colds, and rheumatism. Gives beauty to the body.

3. Chrysanthemum flower
In Tamil - Sevvandhipoo
Cures ailments such as body aches and bleeding from the nose.

4. Sesbania Grandiflora flower
In Tamil - Agathippu
Eliminates heat, bile, and poisonous heat caused by exposure to beedi, cigarettes, cigars, uka, etc.

5. Sirissa flower
In Tamil - Vagaipoo
It removes the body heat.

6. Tamarind Flower
In Tamil - Puliayampoo
This flower cures bile disease nausea and vomiting. This is generally growing in the mountain forest, 

7. Pomegranate flower
In Tamil - Madhulampoo
Eliminates heat bile, belching, vomiting, and blood clots. It will help to produce blood. Nourishes the body.

8. Palm Flower
In Tamil - Panampoo 
Cures toothache, smallpox, rheumatism, and chronic secretions.

9. Coral tree flower
In Tamil - Mulmurakkampoo
Helps to cure menstrual problems.

10. Coconut flower
In Tamil - Thennampoo
It cures sexually transmitted diseases, white discharge, internal inflammation, bleeding, and toxic diseases. This Bitter and sweet-tasting flower cures headaches, thirst, phlegm, ulcers, bile, and various poisons.

11. Jasmine flower
In Tamil - Malligai Poo
Make interest in romantic life. It decreases sputum, eye dizziness, fever. It gives warmth to the body. Women who suffer from excessive lactation will have a lump in the chest. They can apply jasmine flower on the chest for three days and the lactation will decrease.

12. Lavandula Stoechas
In Tamil - Panneer Poo
Relieves vomiting, nausea. Avoid quick ejaculation, thirst for water, and fever.

13. Bauhinia Purpurea flower
In Tamil - Mandarpoo
Relieves body heat. The eyes will get relaxed and cool. 

14. Maulsari flower
In Tamil - Mahilampoo
This will help to stop vomiting. It will remove the heat in the body. Make desire over mating.

15. Laurel tree Flower
In Tamil - Punnaipoo
Eliminates eczema, rashes, scabies, and sexually transmitted diseases. But, bile dizziness can occur.

16. Flower of patiri
In Tamil - Padhiripoo
The bile secretion is removed. The whitening will stop.

17. Green saffron
In Tamil - Pachai Kungumapoo
Cures nasal congestion, ear infections, gall bladder diseases

18. Flower of champak
In Tamil - Senbagapoo
Cures rheumatism, osteoporosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and ejaculation. The aroma will make pleasing. Applying this flower on the forehead along with sesame oil will cure headaches quickly.

19. Indian laburnum flower
In Tamil - Kondrai Poo
Eliminates diabetes, intestinal pain, and expel intestinal worms. 

20. Flower of Bauhinia racemosa
In Tamil - Kaattathi poo
Cures diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, sexually transmitted diseases. This is a small plant type. 

21. Aster Flower
In Tamil - Tumbai poo
Cure thirst, eye diseases, fever.

22. Sesbania Aegyptiaca

In Tamil - Karunjembai Poo

Cures colds, nasal congestion, headaches, and rheumatism.

23. Hibiscus flower
In Tamil - Sembaruthi
You can eat a cleaned flower on an empty stomach every morning to get rid of heat stroke. Cooldown the body heat. Strengthen the heart.

24. Carissa Carandas flower
In Tamil - Kalappoo
Removes eye diseases such as dark circles, conjunctivitis, blood clots, and mucous membranes that affect the eyes.

25. Banyan flower
In Tamil - Alaappoo
Eliminates bile, fever, eczema, sore blood, and itchy scalp.

26. Fig flower
In Tamil - Agathippoo
Agathippu is rich in calcium which helps in the growth of bones and teeth. It also helps in relieving constipation.

27. Lily Flower
In Tamil - Alli poo
It Eliminates diabetes, heals ulcers, and cures eye diseases caused by heat. You can make sarbath from this flower and drink it.

28. Mahua flower
In Tamil - Iluppai poo
There is a proverb in Tamil. If there is no "Banyan tree in a place then mahua flower is sugar" is said to be due to its sweetness If you mix mahua flower with sugar and drink it with milk, you will get rid of all body aches. Relieve body fatigue and reduce cough. This flower can also be used as a poultice for quick swelling. The flower tastes good and cures snake venom and rheumatism.

29. Solanum Xanthocarpum flower
In Tamil - Kandankathari Poo
Hemorrhoids can be cured by rubbing these flowers on the affected area. This is the best natural medicine for Hemorrhoids.

30. Saffron
In Tamil - Kunguma poo
Saffron is indispensable in curing various ailments. It cures headaches, eye diseases, and ear infections. Pregnant women can eat with rose petals. It can also be drunk with cow milk. It helps with intestinal ulcers. It is not true that a fair baby is born.

31. Golden Champa flower
In Tamil - Sambangi Flower
If you put this flower in hot cow's milk and drink it, your body will get very strong.

32. Sunflower
In Tamil - Sooriyagandhi flower
The oil extracted from the seeds of this flower gives strength and is good for diseases.

33. Screwpine flower

In Tamil - Thalamboo

You can take balm from this flower. This can be very useful for headaches and rheumatism.

34. White lotus flower
In Tamil - Vellai Thamarai
Heat in the liver, the suffering of the wrong drug, the irritation of the body will be resolved.

35. Lotus flower
In Tamil - Thamarai flower
Strengthens the heart. Removes body heat and repairs the blood vessels to avoid urinary irritation.

36. Vitex Negundo flower
In Tamil - Nochi poo
Scabies will be cured, if you grind it and apply it to the affected area, 

37. Banana flower
In Tamil - Vazhaipoo
If you take the juice and drink it along with palm candies, the menstrual pain that afflicts women will go away. Cures diarrhea, hemorrhoids, sexually transmitted diseases, whitening, coughing, fever, and hand and foot irritation. Helps with sperm production.

38. Neem flower
In Tamil - Veppam poo
It is the best antiseptic to get rid of stomach bugs. Stop the frequent belching. This flower is a medicine used to cure stomach problems, bile, sore throat and ear infections. This flower cures belching, loss of taste, worms, tongue diseases, and jaundice.

39. Onion flower
In Tamil - Vengaya flower
If you cook and eat this, the stomach pain will go away.

40. Solanum Trilobatum flower

In Tamil - Thoodhuvalai poo

Gains physical strength. Increases sperm count. The body receives beauty.

Still there are many flowers are there. We will update as soon as we prepare next list.