Abutilon Indicum Leaves - Thuthi keerai

All people are beginning to realize the benefits of greens. We see people buying green bunches in the mornings . Many people have forgotten the glory of greens for some time because it is available at a low price and have made their body the abode of diseases. Greens have a lot of health benefits.

Let us know about the Abutilon Indicum Leaves which are more available in the Indian villages. This green has many medicinal properties. It is also known as Kakkadi and Ikkasi in Tamil. They are widely grown in the tropics of India. There are many types of Abutilon Indicum Leaves available like milk Thuthi, Siru Thuthi, Black Thuthi, Iyithazh Thuthi, wild Thuthi, kodithuthi, namathutthi, nilatthuthi, and pottakathuthi. Its leaf, flower, root, and bark all have medicinal values.

Relives Constipation

Constipation is the first detriment to our physical health. Eliminate constipation and live for 100 years without disease. Today's modern foods are not easily digested and constipation is caused by eating in a hurry. Constipation can also occur if there is a mental pressure or problem. People with constipation should wash the Abutilon Indicum leaves thoroughly, cook them with green grams, eat with rice and ghee frequently. This will cure constipation.

Cure hemorrhoids

Some people develop intestinal allergies due to the too much addition of spice and sour foods in the diet. This causes ulceration and becomes hemorrhoids. Thus, those who suffer from hemorrhoids can wash the Abutilon Indicum Leaves, chop them finely, cook by adding green gram, garlic, and pearl onions, ghee, and eat it twice a week after lunch.

Relieve body heat

Wash the Abutilon Indicum Leaves well in water, chop finely and bring to a boil. After boiling well, add small onion, garlic, pepper, and the required amount of salt and drink it as soup to reduce body heat.

Heal the cyst

If you take Abutilon Indicum Leaves, wilt with castor oil, and apply on the hot lumps, the lumps will heal quickly. Apply Abutilon Indicum Leaves extract mixed with raw rice flour on top of the lumpy lumps, the lumps will heal quickly.

Cure gingivitis

Boil Abutilon Indicum Leaves in water and gargle with it to cure gum disease.

Heal intestinal ulcer

Adding Abutilon Indicum Leaves to the diet once a week will cure intestinal ulcers.

Urinary issues:

If you do not urinate properly, you are more likely to get kidney disease. If you make Abutilon Indicum Leaves juice and drink it, the urine will separate well. Kidney disease does not occur.

You can live a long and healthy life if you buy and cook Abutilon Indicum Leaves during its season.

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