The use of date fruit was first reported in Mesopotamia, the world's oldest civilization. Historical note about the date is found in Egyptian pyramids, Greek, Roman, and Palestinian chronicles. Dates have been the “nutritious” fruit in the world for the past 300 years. It is being eaten by people.

Natural medicine for fresh blood production. Dates are rich not only in iron but also in vitamin A and calcium. This fruit, which enhances muscle growth and strengthens the body, is a wonderful fruit that should be eaten by everyone from young to old.

Eating a date every day will strengthen the heart.

If you drink a tumbler of milk with two fresh dates daily, the blood will be enhanced.

Even diabetics who avoid sweet foods can eat date fruit liberally. The sweetness in the date fruit does not affect them in any way.

Grind a tumbler of date fruit and eat daily to strengthen the bones and strengthen the body.

People who have suffered a lot of bleeding due to bruising can get rid of blood loss quickly if they eat dates daily.

People with leprosy can drink dates juice. This will increase the number of red blood cells and give immunity.

If you eat 3 dates daily at night and drink hot water, the dull rectum which causes constipation will become active and you will pass stool easily.

Mix date fruit with other fruits and make a salad and eat it to cure arthritis, bile, and knee inflammation.

You can roast and powder the date fruit nut and mix it with milk, sugar-like "coffee". It is good to drink this once or twice a week.

When tooth germination, children suffer from diarrhea.  Mix dates in hot water and boil well like a creamy consistency.  Give it at the rate of 1 tablespoon 3 times a day to stop diarrhea.

People who eat 4 dates daily do not get stomach ailments like stomach trouble, indigestion, constipation, and amoebiasis. Dates in particular serve as a protective shield for the gut.

Dates for hair care

1. Take 100 g of high-quality dates fruit.
2. Beat it with a nut, add enough water to submerge, and let it boil for ten minutes.
3. Leave it for a day.
4. Grind and strain dates fruit which is soaked well.
5. Mix an equal amount of coconut oil with this and boil.
6. Store this to hair and apply it before head bath to get soft and silky hair. This will nourish the hair and avoid hair fall.