A magical word

My wife and I were melting by having ice cream at a restaurant. An elderly couple arrived near our table and occupied seats. The elder man will be 70 years old and his wife would be 60 years. He was searching the menu card to see if Falooda ice cream is there with the help of his Power Glass. Once he found the menu he said happily, Wow, it is available! Awesome! Can I order two Parvadham? he asked his wife.

"No, listen to me, I'm only two months after the surgery, I do not want, you can have it," said grandmother Parvadham and showed a worried face.

"Nothing will happen. You are taking ice cream yearly once on your birthday, do not make a scene, I am not sure whether I'll be there for the next year or not!"

Alas, do not cry and act like Dheivamagan Shivaji Ganesan, go and buy, I will eat

"Ok ma my dear Paru". Parvatham Amma looked at the elder who jumped up and ran away and made sure that anyone on the side had heard them.

She did not notice me who is with the bummy sneaking ice cream and sucking a little through the nose as the cat entered the pan and sucked the milk as 'fffff ffffff'. The elder went to the counter with what the ice cream shopkeeper had told him and paid the money and get the token and bought two Falooda's and carried them in his hand with all due respect like a Mariamman temple milk pot.

"Here you go, your favorite Falooda" He put it on the table and the elder sat down with pride.

"Paru dear, look here a little, don't think about health and worry all the time, I will tell you something".

"Yeah tell me, honey?"

"You look so beautiful, you look very beautiful today," the elder whispered softly. I stopped sucking Ice cream and lifted my head out of the ice bottle, like a snake lifting its head out of a hole.

Parvadham amma looked at the elder with her chin bowed in shame and said, "Oh, you are saying daily this to me!!, Stop this dear."

The elder replied to her "Look, After getting old, even ice cream now, not melting. My wife is beautiful. It is often said that is the pride of a man". These words came faster than the Boeing plane that crashed into the Twin Towers and struck my heart. My wife sat back and watched this unexpected attack like Osama bin Laden. There is a reason for that too.

I have recently forgotten to see the face and the eyes of even those who are with me. Not only me, but most men are just like that, just being, talking, laughing, living. But just think again when you spoke with our loved ones last time by looking into their eyes and faces. I saw my wife's face. I watched forcefully as the mind told me not to for more than two seconds. She looks very beautiful. Slight worries in my eyes were bounded. She tilted down her head slightly with embarrassment as she realized, he was noticing the face.

I came back home. I saw mom's face. Aging lines occupied a lot on her forehead. Worries about all the close relatives were somewhat encircled with me. Dad’s face, Uncle's face, every face has changed a lot. These faces and eyes tell many stories and worries in silence. But I just failed to notice them. I lost the ability to read their face due to traveling to work, writing, the internet, friends, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

But I said the one line to all of them face to face. "You are so beautiful" is the only line. For that my wife nodded and thanked me.

Mom said, "Crazy boy, go and do your work." and went to the kitchen.

Dad said and wondered, "Well, I do not know these many days da"

Despite the variety of responses like this came out, one thing that was created by this word in everyone’s mind is happiness. That, too, is a momentary joy mixed with shame. Wow, look what a magical word. Well, give it a try yourself. Create the message and say them either directly or on a mobile message. Use "you are so beautiful, love you".

Everyone, regardless of age, will definitely blush when typing this Love You. Finger trembles a little. Send it to your spouse without noticing it all.

Please double-check that the number is your husband's or wife's before sending. Do not blame me after you sent the wrong number. Send and wait for a reply. Surely a smile of shame will bloom.

Even if you give a crore or give a bar of gold, for sure nothing else will make this happy feeling. Such a magical word "you are so beautiful".

So let's leave social media and look at the wife's or husband's face a little. Let's look into the eyes and make love for a few moments daily. Let show your love when there is someone to listen to. Because one day there will only be love. Not sure if there will be anyone to listen to if it is said.

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