The average lifespan of a human is just 8 years. Are you getting surprised? Let's see how.

The actual average lifespan is 70 years. In that, 

★ From childhood to old age:

The first 20 years run like a game without knowing the meaning of life.

★ Last 20 years of life:

It is useless for us to live. You may not achieve anything in these years. I can hear the mind voice saying that all businessmen who achieve now are more than 70 years. Yes, Those are exceptions.

We will be at home as like Table, chair. Just like we become an old object.

20 + 20 = 40. So, the remaining 30 years to go.

★ 10 of those 30 years:

We fall asleep at least daily 8 hours.

Remaining: 20 years.

In this we work 12 hours to earn money as work, business, in which 10 years go by.

The rest is 10 years.

In these 10 years, 2 years will go by: 

Problems with wife, 

Problems with children,

Problems with Relatives,

Problems with the neighbor, 

Resolving personal issues, 

Standing in queues in govt offices,

Unnecessarily talking about others, gossip,

Health disorders, etc.

The rest is just: 8 years.

I.e. 2922 days.

If you want these 2922 days, Can be kept as a 'round' of 3000 days.

The days we can live in this world with some peace without any problems are Just 3000 days.

Why should we live only with the below negative qualities to live these 3000 days?

Hate, Anger, Treachery, Grudge, Violence, Cunning, Arrogance, Mockery, Doubt

Can we follow below positive good qualities?

Affection, Grace, Sympathy, Love, Peace, Friendship, Trust, Natural, Help, Smile, Compassion, Child, Appreciation, Compromise, Family, Confidence, Happiness.

The fire will burn everything around it. Water cools everything around it. Even if it is a fire.

Never fire in our lives, We will always keep our minds like water.