Lippia Leaves:

The Lippia plant is spread over the floor. These greens are abundant in the sides of the rivers, ponds, puddles, and canals. Most people are unlikely to know this. But it is more common throughout South India.

These leaves will give heat to the body in nature. It is also known as Pursadam and Potuthalai by many names.

Tamil - Poduthalai
English - Lippia
Sanskrit - Jalapippali or Jalpapli
Telugu -Bokkenaku or Bukkan
Malayalam -Kattu thippali
Botanical Name - Phyla nodiflora

Its leaf and root have medicinal value.

Get rid of migraines

There can be no one who does not suffer from headaches. Headaches are the first to develop for any kind of sickness to the body. This can lead to migraines if stress develops. This headache can be debilitating in many ways. If they grind the Lippia leaves and apply them to the headache area, the migraine will go away quickly.

Prevent cough

People suffering from cough can cure easily. Clean the Lippia leaf and cook mixed with Mung dhal and make curry. Eating this curry with rice will cure a cough quickly.

Reduce the impact of diabetes

Lippia leaves are the best medicine for those affected by diabetes. Clean the Lippia leaves and make chutney by adding ghee, garlic, and pearl onion. Eating this chutney will greatly reduce the impact of diabetes.

To cure acne

When the body heats up, small lumps appear on the body and form blisters. This is called Akki in Tamil. This can cause more irritation in the body. Those sufferers, grind the Lippia leaves well and apply them on the blisters to remove the irritation and the blisters will heal quickly.

To get rid of stomach upset

Dry the Lippia leaves in the shadow and make powder. Make a decoction and drink both in the morning and in the evening for two days to get rid of stomach upsets.

To cure white spot

Whitening is one of the most depression-making diseases for women. Dry the Lippia leaves in the shade and make powder. Take a teaspoon of this powder with honey every morning. Otherwise, take a decoction of this powder in the morning and in the evening. This will completely cure the whitening problem.

To remove dandruff

Nowadays both men and women suffer from dandruff due to pollution. Dandruff can be removed by grinding the lippia leaves and applying them to the scalp and massaging before the bath.

Alternatively, Boil the lippia leaves with coconut oil and cool down, and store them in a bottle. Apply this coconut oil daily to remove dandruff.

To cure hydrocele

Some people have swelling in the scrotum due to gas or any other impact. If they grind the lippia leaves into fine paste apply it to the swollen area, the swelling will decrease.

To strengthen the uterus

Some women have a miscarriage because the uterus is weak.
Frequent addition of lippia leaves to the diet will strengthen the uterus.

To cure swelling

People with swelling in the hands and feet can grind the leaf and apply it to the swollen area to reduce the swelling.

It is a good idea to take lippia leaves once or twice a month without eating too often to get rid of various ailments.