All fruits provide nutrients directly to the body. Fruits are rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins that the body needs. Fruits give health and longevity. It is best to eat a piece of fruit or a mixture of fruits daily. In this post, we will see about Pummelo or pomelo fruit. In Tamil, it is called Bombalimas.

When you hear the name Bombalimas do not think that it is an imported fruit. Although it is native to European countries, it is found mostly in the mountainous areas of our country India.

Pummelo fruit belongs to the genus lemon, Orange. These fruit and pulp sectors are big in size when compared to orange.

These fruits are available in white and pink colors. The pulp has a sour and sweet taste.

Tamil - Bombalimas

English - Pummelo

Telugu - Pampalamasam

Malayalam - Bambitinarakam

Sanskrit - Mahanimbu

Bot. Name - Citrus decumana

To reduce bile

Rheumatism, bile, and phlegm should be balanced in the body for a person's healthy life. Whichever level changes, the body will be affected by diseases. If there is an increase in bile, the blood in the body will be degraded and the bile will go upwards and affect the nerves of the eye and reduce the activity of the brain. This can lead to many problems such as headaches, memory loss, and depression. This increase in bile varies depending on the nature of the body. Fruits and vegetables have the ability to correct this bile increase. Pummelo fruit will reduce the increase in bile very quickly. It is good to eat this fruit whenever it is available.

Eyes brighten

Vitamin A is essential for good eyesight. The deficiency of this vitamin ‘A’ can lead to night blindness disease. Bumblebees fruit is the best medicine to get rid of these problems. Carrots protect the eyes as well as bumblebees.


Jaundice is one of the deadliest diseases affecting humans. Jaundice is caused by liver damage. Bumblebee fruit is good for reducing the impact of this jaundice. If you buy and eat a lot of this fruit when it is available, you can prevent jaundice.

To gain physical strength

Those who are free from the impact of the disease will find the body very weak. The body will be in a state of exhaustion. If they squeeze the juice of the pummelo fruit and add the required amount of sugar to it and drink in the afternoon, the body will feel very strong.

To alleviate body heat

The body of those who wander in the hot summer months and work in hotter places will heat up very quickly. If they drink the juice of bumblebees fruit, the body heat will be relieved.

Cure Anemia

About 67% of the people in our country suffer from anemia. Herbs, fruits, and many other nutritious products are produced in our country and the condition of the anemic people percentage has not changed. Bumblebees have anti anemia properties. Eating the pulp of this fruit daily after lunch will cure anemia.

For those with frequent diarrhea

Diarrhea occurs frequently in some people. They often seek medical attention without knowing the cause. No matter what kind of medication they take, their tendency to have diarrhea will remain the same. The reason for this is their mucous membranes. Frequent consumption of pummelo fruit juice reduces diarrhea.