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Medicinal benefits of Water hyacinth

Water hyacinth

The hyacinth herb is also known in English as the water hyacinth. In Tamil it is being called Andhara Thamarai, Vengaya Thamarai, Kulir Thamarai, Kuzhithamarai, Aagayamooli. Named `Pistia Strateutes', it is a perennial aquatic plant.

The water hyacinth is native to the Amazon in South America. It is said that when Princess Victoria came to Kolkata during British rule, she left her hand-picked water hyacinth in the Hooghly River there. It was the princess' wish to have a view of the River Thames in London. So, it is said that this lotus came from London and spread across the country.

Named the "Onion Lotus" because it looks like an inflated bag and onion floating in the water. We have seen it as a weed found in water bodies like lakes, ponds. But, It has many medicinal properties that many of us are unaware of.

It can be used as a heat reliever and thirst quencher and as an antiseptic for minerals.

It is a good remedy for those who suffer from problems like blood Hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and bleeding with urine. Grind the water hyacinth leaves into a paste, take a teaspoon and add half a teaspoon of butter or cow ghee and bring to a boil until the raw smell goes out. Filter and drink this infusion daily to prevent bleeding through the urine, diarrhea, and urinary incontinence. It has the power to prevent cancer of the kidneys.

It is also good medicine for diabetes which is affecting more and more people today. Take 100 ml of water hyacinth leaf juice, add a teaspoon of turmeric, bring to a boil by adding water. Drinking this water will lower the blood sugar level and cure urinary tract infections.

Grind the leaf and paste it. Boil with coconut oil or castor oil and apply it to the affected skin. Also, it can be applied externally, for blisters, skin rashes, psoriasis, tumors, and rashes. You will get a very good result.

Leprosy can be cured by rubbing water hyacinth leaves paste on the affected area. If you boil 10 leaves in water and hold their vapor in the anus, the root bud of the hemorrhoids will disappear. Early hemorrhoids can be prevented if we do this method.

Add 100 ml of water hyacinth juice and half a lemon juice and heat slightly. Apply it on the affected area by hemorrhoids, irritation, pain with a cloth. You can get relief without spending a penny, and surgery.

Wash the water hyacinth leaf clean, squeeze the juice and take 20 ml, add two teaspoons of onion juice with it and drink it in the morning and evening. It will control drip urine and constipation.

Add half a liter of water hyacinth leaf juice and a liter of sesame oil and boil until waxy in low flame. Along with this add 10 g each of Kaempferia galanga(Aromatic ginger), sandalwood, cuscus grass, wild turmeric, and frankincense and boil it. Filter it, rub it on the scalp once a week, and take a bath after half an hour to get rid of body heat and control eye irritation and hemorrhoids.

Water hyacinth leaves can be applied along with the lime powder and alum powder to beetle and scorpion bites to relieve pain. Apply it on the swollen areas to get relief.

Take 25 ml of the leaf juice with a little honey in the morning and evening for 5 days to get rid of the germs that form in the chest. Also, dehydration, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and cough will cure.

Attempts are being made to produce gas from water hyacinth. Also, it has been confirmed that natural compost can be produced as it has high fiber stems.

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