Yellow wood sorrel is also called Oxalis corniculata or Oxalis Stricta. In Tamil, it is called Puliyarai keerai.

Yellow wood sorrel leaves are sour-tasting leaves similar to amaranthus gangetions vertristis that are high in iron and calcium. These leaves stimulate appetite well and increase body weight. It will produce fresh blood in the body. It is good medicine for chronic diseases.

Yellow wood sorrel cures headaches, dizziness, fever, vomiting, giddiness, and rheumatism. You can get amazing benefits if you eat these greens continuously for 48 days. People with a cold body should avoid eating these leaves regularly.

Medicinal uses of Yellow wood sorrel

1. Grind little young neem leaves, pepper (3), and turmeric powder (2 pinches) with Yellow wood sorrel leaves and eat it in the morning to cleanse the blood and increase immunity.

2. Cook Yellow wood sorrel leaves with green gram and make a puree. Eating this puree will cool down the body. 

3. Add pepper, cumin, garlic, and turmeric to the Yellow wood sorrel and make an infusion. Drink this to stimulate appetite.

4. Grind fenugreek seed with these leaves and drink with buttermilk or whey. This will cure mouth ulcers and stomach ulcers.

5. All kinds of fevers can be cured by consuming Yellow wood sorrel infusion with pepper.

6. Take Yellow wood sorrel leaves juice, add salt and boil it. Boil it again and again. Keep the salt form in the pot over and over again. Then collect this salt from the pot. Make powder and store it. Take 2 pinches of this powder and drink with lemon juice. Any kind of stomach ache will disappear immediately. Ulcers also magically disappear.

7. Take Yellow wood sorrel juice, pomegranate peel paste, and mix with curd or yogurt. Eating this curd will cure both diarrhea and constipation.

8. Bile diseases can be cured easily. For this soak cumin seeds in Yellow wood sorrel juice and dry them. Make powder of these seeds and eat.

9. Add ground country mallow leaves in Yellow wood sorrel juice and drink. This will cure blood  Hemorrhoids.

10. Soak the ajwain seeds in the Yellow wood sorrel juice and dry it. Make powder of these seeds and eat to increase the digestive power.