When you have free time, tell to your children a little about Chhatrapati Shivaji. Unforgettable name in Indian history forever.

1. “My Timurid family established the rule of the Mughal sultans from Kabul to Kandahar. My forces have conquered many countries like Iraq, Iran, Turkey.

But it was in India that Shivaji left me a major obstacle. I expended all my energy and could not defeat him.

Allah! You have given me a fearless, brave enemy. Brave Fearless person of this world is coming to you. Keep the door of your heaven open for him.”

The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb read during the Namaz prayer that took place next to Shivaji's death.

2. “On that day, Shivaji did not just cut off my fingers; My arrogance was also cut off and thrown away; I am afraid to see Shivaji even in my dreams, ”said Shaista Khan(Mirza Abu Talib)the subahdar of Mughal Bengal.

3. "In my kingdom, is there not a single man to defeat Shivaji?" Asked the Sultan Ali of Bijapur, Ali Adhil Shah.

4. Hitler told Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, “Hitler is not needed to drive the British out of your country; It is enough to teach the history of Shivaji to them. ”

5. If Shivaji alone had been born in England, we would have ruled not only this earth but also the cosmic world, ”said Lord Mountbatten.

6. A British governor has said, "If Shivaji had been alive for ten more years, we would not have even thought of India."

7. Netaji praised, "If we fight like Shivaji, we can easily get freedom."

8. “Shivaji is not just a name; A force that motivates youth; With this, we can achieve national freedom, ”said Swami Vivekananda.

9. Former US President Barack Obama has praised Shivaji if he had been born in the United States, we could have called him the "Sun".

10. Shivaji's Umberkhind War is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Shivaji's force of 1000 men was not only annihilated 30000 Uzbek troops but also destroyed every single soldier in the enemy force. This is a world record.

11. Shivaji, in his 30 years, has clashed with our country's enemies only twice. All other wars are against foreign forces.

12. All that Shivaji clashed with was against the forces of Pathan, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Mongolia, known for their brutal attacks. Shivaji never failed in any of these.

13. When Iran decided to send a navy to defeat Shivaji, Shivaji formed India's first navy. But before it could be fully developed, Shivaji died in his 50s.

(Born: 19-2-1630; died: 3-4-1680).

14. At Boston University, “

Shivaji The Management Guru. ”

The lesson is still being taught today.

It is in India that heroes like Shivaji are not taught in our country's schools.

Then how do our children think about the nation, the sacrifice, the heroism, the wisdom, the intelligence, the fearlessness? They grow as like their wish.

Tell your children about Shivaji's stories.