Seniors are Seniors:

An elderly couple lived in a house.

One night the wife woke up to drink water and said to her old husband, "Look here. The car shed light is on. Looks like you forget to switch off. I just looked out through the window. Go and get it off."

The old man struggled to get out of bed and opened the door and looked outside. A man sees five people breaking the car shed door. He immediately came into the house and called the police station from the phone.


He told his home address to the police.

"Please write down. We are old husband and wife staying here? Five or six burglars break down the door of the car shed. Please send a police team immediately to save us."

The person who picked up the phone on the other side replied.

"We wrote down your home address. Don't worry. But,  no one is here right now to send. We will send them to your home as soon as someone arrives."

The couple became tense and very upset when they heard what he said. The thieves were constantly breaking down the car shed door.

A couple of minutes later the elder man called the police again from his phone.

"Sir, pay attention. Don't send any police now to my house. I shot all five of them using my gun." . He said and hung up the phone.

Upon hearing this, the police station was in a state of panic.

In about five minutes, a large police force, an ambulance, and three doctors arrived in a helicopter.

They arrested those five thieves.

Then the chief commander of the police force came up to the elder and asked, "ok, you said you shot all of them. But, We got them alive." Our elder immediately put up a note saying "You are the only one who said no one is in this station, but you came with a large force".

Police shocked and asked excuses to the elders.

Do not underestimate Senior Citizens!!

In many families, children leave their parents alone and go out of station or abroad to earn money. The situation arises where the parents have to live in solitude and in a nursing home. This leads to a situation where our traditional joint family lifestyle is deteriorating. The experience and advice of the elderly are essential for future generations. 

It is the duty of every son and daughter to look after the elderly like a child.