Love your partner like a weaver bird!

"You could ask what is special in the love of the weaverbird than the love of men"! Let me explain.

Once the male baby weaver learns to fly, he will begin to search for his own food. Then the male birds start to search for their mate and first emerge from that wonderful nest that his mother and father birds have built!

The male weaver builds the nest, and the females do not know how to build a nest. While its nest is being built, it will be looking for its mate. He gathers his mate and shows the nest he has built to her. In order to attract the beloved, the clay will be kept inside the nest and keep the glowworm on the top for lightning. Decorate the nest with small colored flowers. Put the favorite food of the beloved in the nest and it will wait for her.

It's almost like a man's life. He builds a house for himself when he reaches the age of survival. Some people fall in love and get married and build a house. Some people think about marriage only after building a house.

Weaverbird love:

The male builds a nest and searches for food in parallel, showing his lover where the food is. Bring it back to the tree and build the nest. It will try to explain to the female that this is my life, this is how I live, do you want to live with me? Ask the consent from the female bird.

Just like women:

The groom will ask the girl if she likes him. Some female birds will accept. Some birds find out where the male bird's food is, eat it up and look for another mate. Male birds are not like that. Do not fight with female birds. It does not force. It will get used to finding a female bird until it finds a mate of its own.

Once it has found its mate, the male will not sleep until the female lays her eggs and hatches. Exactly like men. Many men stay awake while their wife is pregnant. The female will not leave the nest until the baby weaver bird hatches. The female does not leave the nest even in any wind or rain.

What they are telling people is that the family will have a thousand problems. You have to deal with them and get used to living in a nest, that is, with your husband. At intervals until the chick hatches, the male begins to search for food for his mate. The male bird only will feed to females during this time.

What a beautiful love it is...

So far no one was able to find the formula of the weaver bird's nest. No one was able to assemble back after untie. Weaverbird nests are mysterious until this moment! 

No male will ever re-enter the nest he has just grown! Female birds will be in the nest! She will wait inside the house for her fiance to have built for her!

The male weaver allows his girlfriend to go inside the nest first, i.e. keep the right leg of the girlfriend into the house first and it will go behind!

The male bird travels long distances and carries the sponge and makes a bedroom, room to incubate the eggs, dispose of the waste, make enough room for the baby birds to grow. All these setups will be in the bulgy part of the nest! Some species of birds also adorn the nest with flowers.

Some bird species decorate the outside of the nest with flowers and dance! Then go into the nests, then come out again and dance! Girlfriends will get impressed a lot! Live happily inside!

The male bird will take all the available variety of veggie-non veg foods to the nest and feed the girlfriend! Then fetus will develop for a girlfriend. It will start focusing more on the girlfriend from this point!

It brings a variety of nutritious fruits like figs, banyan fruit, guava, mango, and whatever rare fruit is available including Indian cherry! Will soak the beloved in pleasure.

There is another highlight! You will be surprised. While the male searches for food outside and his life may be endangered by snakes or hawks. He thinks ‘girlfriend and baby should not be hungry’ during pregnancy if something happens to him. For this, it will make sure to store enough grains inside the nest!!

Sometimes snakes will catch the male bird while looking for food! The girlfriend will suffer for two days. Come out of the nest and look for him and go inside. Comes out again and makes a sound using its wings and goes inside!

After two days, the girl bird comes to the decision that the boyfriend will not come anymore, something has happened to the boyfriend. Then she starts looking for food in the surrounding herself. It grows its babies very sincerely.  It will not look for another boyfriend!

As the chicks grow enough, the mother says, “Dear son, daughter, go and fly happily, your boyfriend is building a nest for you. Son, your girlfriend is waiting for you to build a house! It wishes the babies and sends them out of the nest.

Send the babies away and search for food nearby nest, live with a lot of worries. One day it will be paralyzed in the nest and die in the same nest! Now think about the miracle of the weaver bird's love life!!

Love your partner like a weaver bird!