Medicinal benefits of Rambutan Fruit

Fruits can give nutrients directly to man. These fruits are rich in medicinal properties. At present, people prefer to drink chemical soft drinks/juice without eating much whole fruit. These can cause many harms to the body. So you can live a healthy life without disease if you eat fruits that give you all the nutrients your body needs.

In this post, we will learn about the medicinal properties of Rambutan fruit.

Rambutan fruit is native to Malaysia. Also grows in Indonesia and Thailand. These fruits are produced in specific areas in Sri Lanka as well. In Tamilnadu, this is produced in some areas of Kodaikanal.

The name "rambutan" is derived from the Malay word rambut meaning 'hair' referring to the numerous hairy protuberances of the fruits. Similarly, in Vietnam, they are called chôm chôm (meaning 'messy hair').

The skin of the rambutan fruit is light red in color. If you remove the skin, there will be white flesh. This is the eating part. The seed is slightly elliptical in shape. Rambutan fruit is available in all seasons.

This fruit look and tastes like a palmyra tender nut.

100 g of rambutan fruit has the following nutritions.

Water content - 82.3 g
Protein - 0.46 g
Carbohydrate - 16.02 g
Sugar - 2.9 g
Fiber - 0.24 g
Calcium - 10.6 mg
Phosphorus - 12.9 mg
Ascorbic acid - 30 mg.

Cure urination problem:

Unwanted substances in the blood are excreted only when the urine separates well. If the urine does not break down properly, unwanted substances can clog in the kidneys. Also, urine can cause irritation. It is better to eat rambutan fruit every day to get rid of these issues.

Relieve body heat

If the body is hot, the bile will increase and cause diseases. This rambutan fruit is able to alleviate body heat.

It is good to eat this fruit at lunchtime. If you eat at night, you would get cold. Thus it is better to avoid eating this fruit at night.

To get rid of sweat

If the skin with billions of pores does not expel sweat, many infections can occur in the body. Rambutan is the best medicine for this. People who suffer from this sweat blockage will get rid of sweat well if they eat rambutan fruit frequently.

Get rid of diarrhea

The rambutan fruit can be used to cure diarrhea. You would see an immediate result. 

To increase masculinity

Rambutan has the property of developing sperm count. Thickens diluted sperm. Strengthens the nerves.

The fruit is available at fruit shops in cities.

You can buy it and get the benefit of it.