Palitana Hill Temple is located 50 km southwest of Bhavnagar city in the state of Gujarat in India, the only wonder of the world with 900 temples

You can see the wonderful 900 temples on a single hill Shatrunjaya Hill in Gujarat State.

There are many foreigners invading to see this.

The city of Palitama in Gujarat has been banned from killing any animal since 2014. In the background of this ban was the fierce struggle of a large number of Jain monks. More than a hundred Jain monks gathered here and went on a hunger strike to declare the city a pure vegetarian city. They also said that if a small life was killed in that soil, the life of a Jain monk would be lost in parallel.

After several rounds of consultation, the government listened to the struggle of the Jain monks and enacted a law prohibiting the killing of any animals in the city. More than 200 butcher shops were closed following that. It is noteworthy that this is the first city not only in India but globally to be declared a pure vegetarian city.

According to Jain religion mythology, the sacred place of Palitana has been considered a place of atonement since ancient times. This is where the Jain pilgrims get Tranquillity of the soul absorbed in spiritual contemplation

These temples made of marbles are very beautiful. The main deity of the temple is said to be Adinath, the Jain deity. The statue of Adinath stands 7 feet high with four heads.

These temples were built for all the gods to get freeze status. It is said that at night all the gods sleep here. Thus the temple priests had to stay here all night.

Jain scriptures say that devotees should visit this temple at least once to seek heaven and escape from the cycle of birth.

It is like Mecca for the Jains. Going to this mountain temple once in a lifetime is considered a blessing.

Adinath, Kumarpal, Vimalshah, Sampratraja, and Chaumukh are some of the Jain temples here. A total of 900 temples are located within a radius of 18 km.

Chaumukh Temple, built in the year 1618, is the largest temple in the area. It is said that the 13th-century Tejpal and Vishupal brothers built a stone path to reach this hill temple.

The idols in these temples are said to have spontaneous silver deposits every night and the priests think it is a gift from God to them and carry out to their home.

There are different local myths behind each temple. Palidana is a small railway station from which the temple is easily accessible. Thousands of foreign visitors come here every year.

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