The case against a 12-year-old boy. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read the verdict of this American judge.

This is a twelve-year-old boy .... caught while stealing bread in the store. The store's cupboard also broke when he tried to escape from the guard's clutches. * The judge inquired into the crime and asked the boy, "Did you really steal any bread and cheese?" *

The boy looked down and answered.; - "Yes."

Judge: "Why?"

Boy: "I needed it."

Judge: "Couldn't you have bought it?"

Boy: - "No money."

Judge: "Get it from the family."

Boy: - “Only mother is at home. She is very Sick and unemployed.

Judge: "Did you do anything?"

Boy: - “It is customary to wash the car. When I took a day off to take care of my mom, I was fired.

Judge: "Did you not ask anyone for help?"

Boy: - “I left home in the morning and went to about fifty (50) people, but there was no help; so, I finally decided to take this step.

* When the arguments were over, the judge began to give judgment;

"Theft and especially the theft of bread by a hungry boy is a very shameful crime. We are all responsible for this crime.

* Every person in court, including myself, should be guilty of this. So every single person here is fined ten dollars each. No one can get out of here without paying ten dollars ”*

Saying so, the judge took ten dollars from his pocket, took out a pen, and began to write his name accordingly.

‘Also, I will impose a fine of one thousand dollars on the shop for handing over the hungry child to the police.

‘If the fine is not deposited within 24 hours, the court will order the store to be sealed.’ In addition, the police will be fined the same amount for filing a lawsuit against the starving boy.

'The court apologized to the boy, giving him the full amount of the fine.

'After hearing the verdict, tears flowed from the eyes of those present in the court and the boy's handcuffs were untied. The boy keeps looking back at the judge who came out with tears in his eyes.

Are our community, organizations, and courts ready to make such a decision?

The people of that country should be ashamed if they are caught stealing bread by a hungry person.

If it touches your heart:

You help someone ... People around you should not sleep without food '*

* Please, if you are inspired by this message, I request you, before you do anything else, make someone happy by looking around you, no matter how small you are, you are still better than the little you have. Thanks*

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