The miracle of the Tamil month of Panguni.

The month of Panguni comes between March 15 to April 15  in English. 

The Neem flower is the miracle of the month of Panguni. It blooms profusely only during this month of the year. Store as much as possible during this flowering season.

Plucked neem flowers can be dried in the shade for a day or two and then bottled.

The specialty of this neem is that it is a wonderful medicine like the original mountain honey, drumstick leaves, and country cow's milk.

Ayurveda says that there are three types of Nadi types called Vaadam, bile, Kapa in the human body. Everyone's body belongs to either one of the three nadi types. The epileptic neem that balances those three nerves is special. If the nerves are equalized, all the diseases will run away.

What is the miracle of Panguni month? So what kind of miracle? Let us see.

Neem flower:

Neem tree flowers that bloom on the roadsides and in the countryside during the month of Panguni are special. Those are not so attractive. But a kind of smell that comes out of that neem flower is awesome. When the turmeric and dung are lightly burnt and blackened a nice smell will start to come. Neem flowers smell is like that. You can not cross a neem tree without consuming that smell in the month of Panguni.

Neem flowers have another specialty that kills cancer germs, cools the body, heals ulcers, gives peace of mind, cleanses teeth. Neem flowers are the antidote to "sugar".

Although it comes in the month of Chittirai Tamil month. You could find too much in Panguni month only.

How to eat? 

Just a spoonful of flowers and eat. You will feel little bitterness. Taking one day a week is enough. You could take a spoonful of jaggery after eating the flowers to avoid bitterness. That's all.

There is a thousand menu, you could find on the internet using Neem flower... Try them .... Eat anyway...

Our ancestors made a habit of eating neem flowers along with bananas on the first day of Chithirai month. Because they wanted us to eat this in order to be in good health. We forgot about it over time.

From this year onwards, all those who wish to reduce the cost of a terrible hospital and medicine, collect and secure the neem flower treasure in Panguni month. This month.

Medicine and Health are very close to us !! The only thing is, we need to take a little effort.