The problem is beautiful software written by God

There is no life without problems. People are having many problems such as money problems, health problems, problems at work, Problems in business, etc.

A Japanese story:

This is the story of a time when there was no refrigerator. Japanese realized that if they go too far into the sea for fishing, there would be a lot of favorite fish species.

The boat sailed for several hours and went out to sea and caught a large number of fish.

They stayed for several days to catch more fish and came ashore with more fish. There was a problem for them.

Many fish were dead. Were dry. Some fish smelled rotten.

So they made an artificial water tank in the boat and brought the caught fish ashore. This method had little success.

The fish did not die. Not a complete success though.

The fish brought ashore were exhausted. So no regular taste. Thus stagnation in sales.

For the fish that swam in the boundless seawater, survival in the small aquifers bordering on all four sides was great boredom.

At this point, one of them clever fishermen found a way.

He also led a small shark into a water tank filled with fish.

Then what happened? Other fish were always running to survive from the shark.

Survival became the meaning of its life.

Its taste did not diminish until it was brought ashore as it was always alert.

Our life is like that.

The problem is strength. The problem is life ...

If everything we wished for came close to our bed, we would soon die. Our blood flow stops.

Many organs in our body become inactive and lose function.

We will try our best to resolve all our problems.

If a problem arises, our mental system should think that it can be fixed.

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