* Comedian Nagesh Self-confident and wonderful words*

Nagesh in a radio interview.

How do you feel when the good name and credits that you deserve for success movie go to others?


I will not worry sir.

When constructing a building,

Whip tree is used for making a strong scaffolding, 

Put up cross boards on top of scaffolding, 

Many helping servants stand on the scaffolding, 

Hand in hand the brick changed and the building continued to rise,

After it was completed,

All the painting on the building will be completed,

As they come down, each whip will continue to be removed one by one,

The building is finished,

* On the day of house warming *

The whip tree which is the main reason for completing the construction of the building was kept behind the building without noticing by anyone,

Hiding somewhere,

They keep a banana tree that has grown elsewhere in front of the house and greet everyone.

All the glory will go to the banana tree.

Do you know the truth behind this?

That banana tree only lives for three days.

Cattle graze.

The kids will make scratches and tear part by part.

Then that will go to the garbage cart.

The whip does not tear as it is hidden somewhere in the corner.

The whip tree is ready to build the next building and keep smiling forever. !!!

I'm not a banana tree! I am a Whip Tree!!

Always think positive...