Indian madder: 

Indian madder called Manjitti in Tamil. Rubia cordifolia, often known as common madder or Indian madder, is a species of flowering plant in the coffee family, Rubiaceae. It has been cultivated for a red pigment derived from roots.

It is our face that adds beauty to us. Even small changes in the face can indicate the course of the mind. A variety of masks and ointments have been in use since the time of the king. Even theatrical actors, who work in the sun and in hot light, apply face masks to mitigate the hot attack on the face. It is customary to refer to this as 'Orpiment'. In Tamil, it is called "Aridharam Poosudhal"

Nowadays many facial creams are still called Aridharam because they actually have the yellow color of the paranormal drug Aridharam. The perfumes we use give the hair a black color and cause severe damage to the skin and hair. Not only this, but ultraviolet rays from the sunlight can also affect the face, neck, and hands. Sun exposure in summer also causes the blackening of the face, arms, and legs. During menopause, discoloration of the face can happen by a blockage in the sweat and fat spheres on the face and neck. Blackening may happen by hormonal changes as well.

This discoloration is will make reddish in red-skinned people and blackening in darker-skinned people. Blackening of the face is seen as a sign of anxiety and a sign of old age. It is also popularly known as vangu and Mangu in the village side.

Apart from these, prolonged exposure to the computer, watching 'TV', reading a book in dim light and staying awake at night for long periods of time can cause corneal congestion around the eyes: allergies to drugs, hair and facial allergies, hormone pills, dosage ointments, plasters, X-rays, X-rays Radiation, which is needed to treat cancer, chronic diabetes, severe fungal infections, dry skin, dehydration and heredity can cause blackheads and blemishes on the face. 

Amazing herbal Indian Madder that removes any kind of black discoloration and blackheads that appear on the skin and gives the skin a glow and shine. The root of this vine, which belongs to the Rubiaceae family with the botanical name Rubia cordifolia, is used for skin diseases. The Anthraquinones in its roots, a combination of Perforin, xantho PerforinMunjistin and allicin, inhibit the excessive growth and maturation of cells that appear on the skin and give the skin its natural color.
Buy Indian Madder root, which is available in natural drugstores, crush it one by one, put it in water, boil it well, drain most of it, dry it in the sun and store it in wax form. Apply it with honey or beeswax on the dark areas of the face and it will heal.

Put 10 g of Indian Madder root in 500 ml of water, boil it, once it reduced to around125 ml, strain it and drink it once a day. It will remove the darkness of the skin.

Take equal amount of Indian madder root infusion, beech tree (pongamia glabra) leaves extract, tamarind tree bark infusion and aloe vera juice, add a quarter amount of sesame oil and bring to a boil all together. When the water is dry, strain it, add beeswax and make an kind of ointment. It can be applied on dark areas of the face, neck and arms to get rid of darkness.  10 ml of Manjitadi infusion, available in Siddha drug stores, can be taken before breakfast to remove dark circles on the face.