Medicinal benefits of Gallnut/Bluejack

Manjakani or Oak is gall is very much popular in India and Malaysia. It is known as “Masikai” in Tamil. In Tamil Nadu, You will find it in all homes where there is a newborn baby. 

Bluejack is a wonderful medicine used in Sidha medicine. It is kind of interesting the way it is formed. When some kind of Stinging wasps bites on the branches of this tree, milk drips from the branch and it freezes and hardens. The insect will be there for 5 to 6 months. This is what we call Bluejack. Generally, when collecting bluejack, it is best to collect them before the stinging wasps come out in the same hole in the branch. It is rich in vitamin A, C, tannins and gallic acid, proteins. It also has anti microbes and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you ask our grandmothers how Masikai has been used as a medicine for a long time in pediatrics, they will tell the story. It also plays a very important role in Sidha medicine. We can feel it well when we read the notes of Sidha's doctors. Masikkai drinking water is an excellent medicine in Siddha medicine. Our ancestors knew that this Bluejack medicine could bring great benefits to gynecology. At a time when science was not advancing, masikai was the cure for the unspeakable diseases of women.

Powder the bluejack and put it in hot water for ten minutes and then filter the water and gargle. The sore mouth will heal.

Powder the bluejack and take it lightly three times a day to control excessive menstrual bleeding in women.

Take 50 g of bluejack powder and boil with 800 ml water for 10 minutes. Then filter it. Drink this water 30 ml to 60 ml daily. This will cure whitening in women. Also, it cures chronic cough, diarrhea, etc.

Bluejack is one of the most commonly prescribed medicine for children. Sometimes breastfeeding babies will have diarrhea (in green color) problems. For this, buy a new earthenware pot, flip it over and rub the bluejack with little breast milk. You will get a paste. Apply this little bit of paste to the baby's tongue. Doing this few days will cure diarrhea completely.

Masikkai is used as the best antidote for toxins caused by excessive intake of copper sulfate, fuller earth salt, lime water, opium, vegetable poison, etc.

They take a yellowish-white, whitish, scaly salt from the bluejack. It is used as an excellent medicine to stop bleeding.

For chronic secondary syphilis diseases, drink 30 ml to 60ml of water added with a little bluejack. You will get a good result.

People with sore throat and tonsillitis can take bluejack water with 3 mg of Potash alum and the required amount of honey and gargle daily. 

Soak bluejack fruit or bluejack tree bark in water or make a decoction by boiling in water. Use this water to gargle your mouth. The sore will be healed.
The same water 30ml to 60ml can be drunk internally.

The bark can be used to cure normal diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding in the urine, excessive menstrual bleeding, syphilis, bleeding gums, diarrhea, etc.