Datura plant is a remedy for rabies

Datura plants with large leaves and funnel-shaped flowers are found in barren and roadside areas all over India. Fruits ovate, covered with thorns. Nobody likes this plant because it is poisonous. It is used in medicine although it is a toxic plant.

There are two types of Datura plants. The leaf stalk and leaf vein of one datura plant is green in color and the other type of plant is in purple color.

Effective chemicals

The plant contains powerful alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, lactones, withanolides, coumarin, and tannins. The alkaloids hyoscyamine, hyoscyamine, and Tadurin are extracted from this plant. These are extracted as in the Atropa belladonna plant.

Rejoin the broken bones

The leaves, roots, and seeds of the Datura plant are used medicinally. The leaves are painkillers; They act against germs. Relieves head itching and is addictive. Flowers are used as medicine for asthma.

Pick a few leaves of dark Datura leaves and extract the juice. With this add an equal amount of cow butter and medicated camphor and mix. Applying this mix on swollen, sprained, and sprained ankles can be very effective. The broken bone will join together.

Remedy for rabies bites

In Indian medicine, it is used as an alternative to opium. The juice of the leaf is mixed with yogurt and given to cure gonorrhea. It also cures rabies hydrophobia.

Seeds and roots prevent diarrhea; It will cure the fever. Against germs. Cure skin ailments.

The seeds have additional intoxicating power. It is considered a sexual stimulant. It is widely used in Unani medicine.