The Bael tree, found in the arid hills and all parts of India, is revered by Hindus particularly as Shaivism. Bael leaves are used in Sivapooja. It is said in the Shiva hymn that "the single Bael leaves enough to get Shiva's grace". In Tamil, it is called Vilvam.

Active ingredients

Several important chemicals have been extracted from this plant. Also contains amino acids, dictamnine, marmesin, marmin, UmbelliferoneMarmelosinAegelineAnthocyanins, flavones, glucosides, palmitic linoleic oleic acids.

Bael is a stress reliever

Leaves, bark, root, and fruits are medicinal. Leaves cure asthma, fever, and cold. Bark relieves heart palpitations and flu-like disturbances.

Bael root plays a vital role in preparing important Ayurvedic medicine “Dasamoola”. It is an excellent remedy for loss of appetite and Gynecology.

Relieves indigestion

Fruits are the main ingredient. Improves good health. Cool the body. Rich in vitamin C. Strengthens the body. Cure Laxative issues, relieve persistent constipation, and persistent diarrhea cures indigestion. It also helps in strengthening. The pods have the ability to strengthen the muscles. The seeds are laxative and the flowers are anti-diarrhoeal. Stops vomiting.