Five Leaved Tree (Vitex negundo) leaf is a small tree commonly found in Indian villages. In Tamil, this medicinal leaf is called Nochi

Five Leaved Tree Balm is a home remedy for runny nose, cold, and headache. It is also a cure for many diseases.

Nochi leaves can be used to relieve flatulence and sprains. Put the leaves in a pan and then heat them on the stove. Do fomentation to the body at a temperature acceptable to the body, and the pain will go away. It can be ground and applied to the painful area to get relief. Spleen inflammation is also controlled.

Nochi leaves can be wrapped in a cloth bag and used as a pillow. It will help to instant relief from cold. Dry Nochi leaves are powdered and smoked to cure colds. Its juice also cures stomach ulcers. Rub the leaf juice on the head and neck, soak the body for a few hours, and take a bath in warm water to relieve neck pain and remove water from the ears.

Even a festering and oozing sore can be treated with Nochi Balm. A decoction of Piper Longum with Five leaved tree leaves is good for the common cold with fever. This will improve the ear's listening capacity. 

To reduce the pain in the uterus before and after delivery, water soaked in Nochi leaves should be heated and poured over the body.

You can drink rice porridge with garlic, rosebud, or Chicory flower along with Nochi leaves to cure chronic rheumatic spasms. If you drink 24g young Five leaved tree leaves juice with pepper and ghee, inflammation of the liver will be controlled.

The extract of Nochi root bark can be applied as a tincture to the wound. Nochi root powder is used as an anti-inflammatory medicine for Hemorrhoids and Dysentery. Nocchi root is antiseptic for chronic ulcers, ulcers, and stomach worms disturbance. Consuming dried nochi flower powder cures diarrhea and fever. Nochi leaves and bark is good remedies for scorpion stings.