In Tamil, this plant is called KattukodiCocculus hirsutus is called Pachygone ovata. Pachygone ovata is a climbing vine. It grows in hedgerows, shrubs, rainfed and agricultural fields with blunt-tipped leaves. There are two types of this plant seen. One is smaller and another one is taller. Both have the same medicinal value. 

Many vines can grow from a single stem. If it is planted in the soil, it will grow by rooting. Breeding can also be done by seed. Pachygone is easily available in villages. Its vine looks like a rope and will grow longer. Its leaf is tongue-shaped. This vine grows well under the palm tree and the wild date palm tree.

It acts as a cooling, expectorant, and Salivary enhancer.

Chewing the whole leaves of Pachygone cures blood dysentery, dysentery, hemorrhoids, and urinary irritation.

Grind equal amounts of Pachygone leaves and neem leaves and give them in the morning only to relieve diabetes, fatigue, heartburn, body heat, and excess Thirst. Urine sugar also dissolves.

Grind Pachygone and mix it with a glass of buffalo curd and drink it on an empty stomach only in the morning to cure hemophilia.

The amount of sugar found in the urine is eliminated. This can be crushed, powdered, and eaten as tablets.

Take half a liter of Pachygone leaf juice and mix it with water with a little sugar, it will curdle in no time. Eat a teaspoonful of this early in the morning to cure Whitening, gonorrhea, Diarrhea, and Dysentery.

Take a handful of small Pachygone leaves early in the morning and chew them and swallow them. This will cure watery diarrhea, urinary irritation, and whiteness.

Grind mango seed with Pachygone leaves and drink with milk and sugar in the morning and in the evening. This will cure diarrhea. Take porridge only during this medication.

Take a small amount of Pachygone root, and a piece of dry ginger, and boil with pepper. Drink this mix to cure rheumatism pain, rheumatism, and gout.

Making a paste of Pachygone root with Nickernuts and giving it with half a teaspoon of water will cure stomach aches in children.

You can find a solution to the problems of heavy discharge during menstruation, blood in the urine, dysentery, and leucorrhoea with these leaves.

Pachygone has blood-regulating properties. Pachygone can be used to make medicine to control heavy bleeding during menstruation. Take 10 leaves of Pachygone. Cut it into pieces and put it in water. Mash the leaves well with your hands. The leaf juice will be mixed with water. Then, just remove the leaf stalk and keep the water for half an hour as is. It will turn like jelly. Take a teaspoon of this jelly morning and evening to control the bleeding. You can make powder of  Pachygone leaves and eat as well in the same way.

Pachygone is widely used all over the world to cure spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation and to thicken diluted semen.

These leaves Cure venereal diseases and are a panacea for genital diseases of both sexes.

It is being used for curing chronic Rheumatoid arthritis.

It is used as internal medicine in the treatment of broken bones and Bone Dislocation problems.

Used as an external medicine to remove the venom and reduce irritation in venomous bites.

Reduces high blood pressure and relieves insomnia.

Helps in curing Gout, Headache, Nerve pain, and migraine.

Both leaves and roots of the Pachygone are having medicinal properties. But when preparing Pachygone leaf powder commercially, its medicinal properties are reduced when the stem part is ground and mixed to increase the quantity and when the leaves are heated and ground in grinding machines. So try to get pure and naturally made powder for your use.