This cactus fruit is the fruit known as the Kiwi of India. It is a nice dark red color. In Tamil, it is called Chapathikalli. In English, the Cactus pear is also known as the Prickly pear and Tuna fruit.

These weeds can grow like wild plants along fence lines even in severe droughts and in the absence of water.
Consuming cactus fruit regularly will improve the heart rate. Even if there is a blockage in the heart, it will be repaired. Heart attacks caused by high blood pressure can be avoided.
In today's modern world, more than 60 out of 100 women have PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Disease). Due to this, the ovum becomes weak, difficulty in conceiving a child, menstrual problems, and miscarriage are more common. Regular consumption of this cactus fruit will improve the growth of the embryo. This fruit is sure to be a boon for those who have been waiting for a long time without having a child.
Cactus fruit solves many problems of men like impotence, and sperm cells not being healthy. If women eat this fruit during pregnancy, the baby will be born with a good color. This fruit is better than saffron. If you eat it three times a week, the cysts in the uterus will disappear automatically.
Women and men should eat these fruits for childbearing and should not eat any other sweet items during sperm production by this fruit. Tea and coffee must be avoided. Walking is a must.

Antioxidants in cactus fruit protect the skin, reduce chances of premature aging, improve vision, and prevent macular degeneration.

With a high fiber and nutrient density, and low in calories and saturated fat, it can keep your body in healthy shape without adding extra weight.
In traditional medicine, this fruit is mashed and applied to some inflamed parts of the body. When consumed, the antioxidants and minerals in these thorny fruits can reduce inflammation.
Cactus fruits are used as food and as an alternative medicine treatment as they contain nutrients and health benefits.
The fruit can be used in many ways, they can be eaten raw or dried and made into various jellies and jams, candies, or alcoholic beverages such as vodka.
It is very important to remove the skin and peel the fruit before eating them, otherwise, they will stick to your lips, gums, and throat which can be very painful.