Beware-Ice water kills people

The heat is getting too hot. We suffer from the brutal attack of the sun...It prompts us to take wrong decisions.... yes... When you come home from the sun, because of the heat, don't drink ice water.

Ice Water

The heat wave can reach 40 degrees Celsius or 105 degrees. The Bureau of Meteorology also warns against traveling during daylight hours.

In this case, the scorching heat naturally makes us crave for ice water. We immediately take cold water from the bridge and drink it.

Doctors say that if we drink like that, the small blood vessels of our body will burst. A doctor's friend came home from a walk in the sun and washed his feet with cold water. Immediately, his vision fades and he falls down. He is trembling with fear.

Even if the sun hits 100 degrees, our bodies can get hotter than that. Drinking ice water isn't the only danger. Even washing hands, face, and feet in ice water is said to be dangerous.

That is, they say that our hot body should not be suddenly hit with ice water. After entering the house, relax for 30 minutes and prepare our body for the heat prevailing inside the house and only then we can drink natural cold water or warm water that is 90 to 95 degrees.

A well-built man wandered in the sun and entered the house. Wanting to cool down his boiling body immediately, he took a cold shower.

Immediately, his jaws clenched. Couldn't open his mouth. Fortunately, they called an ambulance and took him to the hospital. Limbs were paralyzed and only life is saved. A doctor says he has difficulty walking.

Do not drink fridge water and iced water during hot weather. Adults in the household should also warn the children. A campaign to protect health by avoiding ice water is now spreading.

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