It's an incident noticed in a hotel!!

oldage couple

As the hotel owner stooped to serve the rice, the old man asked.

How much do you charge for lunch?
The owner said.
50 with fish curry, 20 rupees without fish curry.

The old man took a crumpled 10 rupee note from his torn shirt and held it out to the owner.
This is in my hand….Just give meal as much as you can for this money….
No matter what you give...Even plain rice is fine.
I am very hungry, Haven't eaten anything since yesterday.
The old man hesitated to say his words. His throat is shaking….
The hotel owner serves a meal with fish curry and watched him eating.
Tears flowed thinly from the old man's eyes...
The hotel owner asked why are you crying...?
He closed his eyes looking at the one who heard the question and said...
I shed tears thinking about my past life….
I have three children, two boys, and one girl…..all three are doing well and in a good job….
I spent every penny I saved on their upliftment. For that, I lost my complete youth life and 28 years of material life and migrated...
After all, my wife died a few years ago leaving me alone in this old age….
Ever since my property was divided, my sons and daughters started shunning me.
I slowly began to feel a burden to them.
Slowly they started keeping me aside….
Am I getting old?
Shouldn't I at least be respected for my age?
I will go to take a meal only after they have all eaten. Even then cursing and shouting did not fail. The food was mixed with tears and salt.
My grandchildren never talk to me. Fearing that Mom and Dad will beat them if they see and talk to me...It is painful.
That house was built with bricks bought with the money my wife and I had collected by sweating day and night, working continuously without sleep, without eating to our stomach...
But what do I do? I was labeled a thief - on the pretext - of stealing my daughter-in-law's gold... The son was furious. Good that he did not slap me. He did not commit that sin. That was my luck. It might have happened if I had been there for some more time.
He woke up in the middle of the meal.
He handed over 10 rupees to the hotel owner
The hotel owner said, no sir, put it in the bag, let it be….
You can come here anytime…You can always have lunch without giving money.
The man left 10 rupees on the table and said...
Thank you very much for your help....what do you think...
Self-respect will not leave me. Thanks! After saying that, the old man took a small bundle of cloth and left slowly towards an unknown place...
The wound that man inflicted on my mind has not healed till today.
That is why it is said that every bud must ripen one day.
Ripe, dry leaf-like adults should be kept in the flower and protected as an eye.
We will have such a day in our lifetime too..???
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If anyone changes their mind….. “that is enough”
Let the change begin with us. today.....