Before 1985, if there was a village of three hundred houses, only about fifty houses had bicycles. Motorcycles are very rare to see.

old bicycle

In villages, someone may have a SWEGA moped. Before HERO MAJESTIC, TVS Mopeds, only SWEGA was there for a long time! It goes at a speed of twenty or thirty kilometers per hour.

Now even while buying a car or motorbike we are not enquiring that much. But that time, even if buying an old bicycle (SECOND HAND), they will inquire so cautiously.

Although there are products from companies like Rally, Hercules, Atlas, and Hero, Rally bicycle owners are superstars.

Next...... they have a Hercules bicycle if they need to carry more weight. Low-budgeters will opt for Hero or Atlas cycles.

Every town has a bicycle repair shop and bicycle rental shops. Rental bicycles often do not have a carrier at the backside. Bicycles with carriers are slightly more expensive. Small-size bicycles are also available for children to practice cycling. This is the only entertainment during the holidays.

Just as cars and motorbikes are "serviced" now, bicycles would be serviced at cycle repair shops at regular intervals. This is called "over oil".

On that day, the bicycle repairers were seen as heroes by many.

Similar to "WHEEL ALIGNMENT, WHEEL BALANCING" for cars nowadays, there was also wheel alignment for bicycles. It was called "Taking Wheel Line".

Prior to 1979, bicycles had to be licensed at the panchayat or municipality by paying a fee. It was Sealed in a circular tin plate. It was permanently attached to the front of the bicycle under the handlebar. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

A bicycle had a dynamo. If you ride a bicycle at night without a dynamo, the police will catch you and fine you.

Only one person was allowed on the bicycle. Penalty if more than one go. It was only when MGR was Chief Minister that two people were allowed to go. That license concept was also revoked.

It was a matter of pride to cover the handles of the bicycles in different colors and to buy and tie various colored ornaments made of coconut fiber to the two wheels and show them off.

This generation is riding small bicycles inside the house…..and not even that, we are buying small size motorbikes and cars and driving them inside the house.


Old memories only bring joy and zeal.