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Only service mind has a beautiful Hearts-Palam Kalyanasundaram

Palam Kalyanasundaram

When Bill Clinton (US President) came to India, he wanted to meet two people who were not related to the government. One is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam another Palam KalyanaSundaram? We all know about Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Who is Palam KalyanaSundaram?

He worked as a professor for 35 years, spent all his salary on the welfare of poor people, and worked as a waiter in a restaurant for his expenses. Thus Palam Kalyanasundaram sir made history by giving his complete earned salary of 30,00,000/- (Rupees thirty lakhs) in full for 35 years.

Central and state government employees of any country in the world and those working in private companies have never done this. Thus, he was selected as the "Man of the Millennium" in the United States and received a prize of 6.5 million dollars (30 crores). He gave that money too for the welfare of children and amazed millions of people around the world.

He gave the property worth Rs 50 lakhs from his family to the people without keeping anything for himself.

Tamil movie superstar Rajinikanth adopted Palam sir as his father. Balam did not like to stay at his home and thanked him and returned to his old residence in a month or two.

M.A(Litt.), M.S.(His)., M.A.(GT)., B.Lip.Sc., DCT, DRT, DMTI, FNCW, DS, he is the holder of 36 letters and topped all of them in the university.

He lived as a street dweller for 7 years to know firsthand the suffering of the poor. He had already donated his body parts to medical colleges 30 years ago.

He dedicated his entire life to the people of the country without a single cent of the land, a thatched hut, or a single penny for his own, and sacrificed his married life as well.

The University of Cambridge awarded him the title of  'A Most Notable Intellectual in the World' and also gave a note that if there is a Nobel Prize for librarianship, he deserves it.

Famous real estate tycoon Arima Leo Muthu gifted him a house worth several crores in the heart of Chennai. But he politely refused to accept the gift as it was against his principles.

UN Council Awarded Palam, Sir, he is one of the 20 people selected worldwide as an outstanding achiever of the 20th century. A documentary about Palam Sir won a special prize at an international film festival in Norway.

When Palam Sir was in the hospital he asked the people for one rupee for his medical expenses. Not only the Mayor, Speaker, and Governor but also the President of the day Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam respected his request and they all sent a rupee.

It is noteworthy that he has given away crores of rupees and is living a simple life without using food, clothing, or shelter that is not available to the poor.

Balavannathan, the father of Palam Sir, when he was a trustee of a temple, the temple worker took a jackfruit from the jackfruit tree on the temple premises and gave it to him at home. He considered it a great crime for his wife and children to eat some of it and gave a field to the temple as an atonement. Its value today is several lakhs. Thayammal is Palam sir's mother.

1. Do not be greedy for anything.

2. Donate one-tenth of whatever you get to poor.

3. If you do good to a living person every day, you will always be happy in life. 

These are the principles Palam Sir's mother advised him and he followed in his entire life.

Only service mind has a beautiful Heart.

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