Summer has begun in earnest.

Simple cool drinks suggested by my doctor friends.

ENT Doctor:

Add grated ginger in buttermilk and sprinkle some curry leaves and coriander leaves and carry to the office more than one liter. Avoid coffee and tea and drink only this buttermilk whenever you feel thirsty. No summer diseases will reach you. He said the water should be diluted like a river flood.


Even in Ayurvedic medicine, buttermilk is the first preference. Do not prefer curd. 

Homeopathy Doctor:

Squeeze half a lemon in one liter of water and add some salt. Drink often when thirsty. This will provide good energy for this hot weather. Avoid artificial cool drinks and ice creams.

lemon juice

Grandma's Practical Tips:

During summer you can take natural drinks like coconut water, palmyra tender nut, buttermilk, lemon sarbath, and watermelon fruit.

Along with these, a called Panagam/Panakkam drink can be prepared and consumed from time to time.

Panagam drink

Just tamarind, palm jaggery, and water are needed to prepare this panagam drink.

Dissolve tamarind well in water. Grate the palm jaggery and mix it well. Strain through a cloth in the vessel. You can also add cardamom and dry ginger powder to enhance flavor. The drink is ready.

This beverage product is now slowly disappearing in practical life.

In summer, it will relieve fatigue caused by heat.

This drink is better than fruit juice.

Its formula is:

Calcium + Iron + Vitamins + Energy = Panagam Drink.

Iron and Amino Acids in Palm jaggery and vitamin C in tamarind bind and provides instant energy to the body.

We all know the benefits of dry ginger. Cardamom improves digestive tract infections.

Panagam is a wonderful drink. It is also easy to prepare for this summer.

Anyway, along with these, don't forget to drink plenty of water. Don't wander too much in the sun.

Health awareness is very important for the next three months