Erythrina Indica, is also known as Kalyana Moringa in Tamil. Other names for the plants are Indian coral and Erythrina variegata. It is also called "Mul Murunga", "Murukka Maram", "Kalyana Murukan", and "Mul Muruku" in Tamil. Its leaf, seed, flower, and bark all have medicinal uses.
Indian coral

Its leaves, seeds, and flowers contain many natural chemicals. It is grown in places where vine plants like betel nut and black pepper are cultivated. This tree is mostly grown in betel vine gardens. The entire plant is pungent in taste and warm. It has broad, green leaves and bright red flowers.

Its leaves increase urine and loosen stool; Increase breast milk; Induce menstruation.

Its flowers cleanse the uterus. Bark removes the mucus; Antipyretic; Kills intestinal worms. The seeds are laxative.

It has been a tradition to plant it in houses where there are virgin girls. Similarly, if this tree is planted in houses where there are women and its leaves are cooked every month, women will not have any physical problems related to menstruation and the uterus. It will also help to appear as young and beautiful women. This leaves can protect them from the pain and suffering that may come to them during menstruation.

This tree is mostly beneficial for women's health. 30 ml of its leaf juice should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach for 10 days continuously to cure menstrual cramps. Similarly, the soup made from the leaves and eaten along with rice cures stomach aches.

Take the water used for soaking the black sesame seeds, and use it for grinding Indian coral leaves.  Eat the ground leaves in the morning and evening. This will cure delayed menstruation.

During pregnancy, its leaves are grated and boiled along with small lentils. It cures urinary irritation that can occur in pregnant women; It helps to pass urine freely.

If you drink its leaf juice daily, the problem of women who are not blessed with children will be removed. Also drinking the juice of this leaf usually relieves the irritation caused by the urination; The body weight is reduced.

For women who want to give birth, grind 4 pepper with Indian coral flower and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach to get benefits.

It also helps pregnant mothers to increase milk secretion. If its leaves are cooked with coconut oil and eaten, you will get a lot of benefits. Even if the leaves are chopped and fried with coconut, onion and ghee, eaten to secrete breast milk.

If you grind and eat poppy seeds, urad dal and pomegranate juice with the leaves, it increases virility; There will be interest in marital relationship.

Some children suffer from intestinal worm infestation. In such times, Mix 10 drops of Kalyana moringa leaf juice with some hot water and honey and drinking will be beneficial. If adults, they can drink 4 teaspoons of its leaf juice mixed with honey to expell the intestinal worms. In case of diarrhoea, drink buttermilk.

Its leaf juice is ground with coconut and turmeric and applied to the body and bathed, cures rashes and scabies. Drinking 60 ml of leaf extract with 15 g of salt in the morning will cause mild diarrhoea. Then the stomach bugs will come out.

If you want to get rid of phlegm in the chest, you will get results if you grind Indian coral leaves with rice and eat it.

With its leaves, galangal, pepper and tamarind are added to make a vada. It is also expectorant.

Anemia will be cured by grinding pepper and garlic along with these leaves and eat.