Man is the total form of Pancha Budha's composition. Man can even be said to be the evolution of Pancha Buddhas. This body resulting from the combination of the Pancha Buddhas is endowed with various qualities of thoughts, viz.- dancing, singing, celebration, sadness, praise, pleasure, pain, sleep, hunger, love, marriage, breakup, friendship, enmity, fear, happiness, etc. Human life is revolving.

We will live according to the cycle of reincarnation. We will die at one stage. We will be born again. This Pancha Bhudha wheel keeps spinning without rest.

Lord does not like unnecessary qualities like anger, ego, and pride of born human beings. It is because of such conflicting effects that our karma continues. Our regeneration is also ongoing.

The Pandavas won the Mahabharata war only with the help of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna himself came to Arjuna as a charioteer and guided him to victory. But after the war, Arjuna's mind started functioning as a normal person.

After the battle, Arjuna was so scornful that Lord Krishna, the charioteer, took him by the arms and let him down. But Krishna's order was different.

"The war is over. What is the hesitation? Arjuna! Leave the chariot and get down, Krishna commanded.

Knowing this, the Lord said, "Arjuna! Put away your pride. Carry out my order immediately''. Pressing that, Arjuna also got down, and the next moment the chariot burst into flames. Arjuna was stunned to see this.

Krishna smiles and says: "Arjuna! Don't be afraid. Let go of unnecessary pride. You thought I was going to put you down. First, realize that humility is necessary for man only when success comes. The arrows of Pitamagar Bhishma, Dronacharya, Duryodhana, etc. are stuck in our chariot. All those arrows are full of magical powers. As soon as I get off the chariot, Hanuman on the flag also goes away. Then the magical powers will start working. Then your destiny is the same. That's why I asked you to get off the chariot immediately.''

Hearing Krishna's explanation, Arjuna fell at Krishna's feet and begged for forgiveness. A man who takes pride is called a man. Our thoughts, anger, passion, pride, ego, etc. are the cause of our diseases.

Diseases are the cause of death. Death is the cause of birth. It keeps spinning. Lord, the great power that guides mankind, is available in trees and plants, vines, grass, etc, and is removing our diseases. In that way, we will see what diseases can be cured by the grace of the Lord residing in the Arjun tree.

It is the Arjun tree that has the power to cure all the diseases in the human body. Arjun tree gives us an improved life with health by completely eliminating vata, pitta, and kapha diseases.

Get rid of blood pressure...

Once we get high blood pressure, it stays with us for the rest of our lives. The Arjun tree guides us to keep blood pressure steady.

Grind together 200 grams of Arjun tree bark, 100 grams of cumin, 100 grams of fennel seed, and 100 grams of turmeric and make powder. Take five grams of this, put it in two tumblers of water, and boil it until reduced to half. Drink this in the morning and in the evening, to get rid of blood pressure. 

Abdominal pain caused by menstruation...

Taking 100 grams of Arjun tree, neem tree bark, and 10 grams of asafoetida powder added to it and eating with a glass of buttermilk both in the morning and at night will completely cure the stomach ache caused during menstruation.

Also, the Arjun tree cures whitening, diseases caused by body heat, pitha diseases, skin diseases, and dental diseases.

Marutamalai Murugan and Arjun tree...

The Arjun tree is the herb that is the aspect and grace of Lord Maruthamala Murugan. Visit Lord Muruga standing on Marudhamalai Hill at least once.  Although every hill is the place where Kumara is, come and kneel down and pray to Lord Maruthamalai Muruga who is under the shadow of the Arjun tree. Lord Muruga will solve all your troubles and worries, remove the trinity and protect you from all evil in this life. 

Live prosperously!