Both good vibrations and bad vibrations surround us and our home. There is no doubt that when there is something good, there is something bad. There is an amazing grass that has the power to block these bad vibes from entering the house. what is that? How to use it? Continue reading this post to know.

This herb is used for all kinds of spiritual remedies. This is called 'Cogon grass'Cogon grass is also called Imperata cylindrica. In Tamil, it is called Tharpai PulThis grass has tremendous powers in itself. Cogon grass is also used for auspicious works, pooja, punas karas, and pitru parikrama. This grass is seen as an aspect of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. If we keep this in our house, no evil force in the house will harm us. The evil forces will run away. This grass with such power is also cheap in price. This grass may be available in all pooja item stores and country drugstores.

Buy it in an equal quantity of 108 and keep it. Knots should be tied in 8 places together. Make sure to have the grass have both bottom and top areas. Put 8 knots together in eight places and tie them on the upper outside of the main door area of the house. It is necessary to place the lower part of cogon grass towards the south and the top part towards the north direction. This remedy is considered to be the best remedy in Vastu Shastra to remove bad vibrations. When this grass is tied and hung, no evil forces can come near that place. The trinity seated in the cogon grass will protect your home as a guardian deity.

It is customary to wear cogon grass on the ring finger to perform pitru parikrama remedies. In other auspicious things, wearing cogon grass on the ring finger is to get divine power. Energies penetrate through the ring finger to the right brain and are stimulated to clarify our thought flow. Scientifically and spiritually great cogon grass can be liberally kept in the pooja room of everyone's home. Thus we get God's perfect grace directly. All the wishes will be fulfilled without hindrance.

Cogon grass is also used medicinally for many uses. To avoid kidney stones, liver problems, and body heat and to keep diabetes under control, cogon grass can be boiled in water and drunk. It is very good to have cogon grass mat, pillows, and meditation mats in our home.

The meditators are quickly taken into a meditative state as they sit on cogon mats and meditate. To cure various diseases in the body, try to sleep every night with a cogon grass mat. 

Cogon grass is sweet and astringent in taste. High cold ingredient. At the end of the digestion, the sweet taste can stand out. We can refer to Cogon grass as an elixir as it balances the three doshas of Vadha, Pitta and Kapha(rheumatism, bile, phlegm).

Some diabetic patients experience irritation and yellowish urine. Ayurveda calls it Harithrameham. Also, some people have foul-smelling, yellowish water-like urine and it is called Manjishtameham, and foul-smelling, hot, blood-like urine is called Raktameham. As all these three types of urinary problems are caused by pitta dosha, drinking colon grass water in such conditions is a powerful drinking water that reduces the sugar caused by bile and also cures kidney and urinary tract infections.

Boil about 15 grams of colon grass in one liter of water and boil it until it becomes half a liter. After cooling, filtering, and sipping the water several times a day, the above-mentioned ailments will disappear. As some people don't have time to boil colon grass water, we can get the medicinal properties of the water by crushing the grass well and soaking the in a water pot overnight, and drinking it the next morning. Ayurveda has named it Himakashaya. We can also reduce the impact of diabetes. Colon grass has some other good medicinal properties.

Cogon grass is a wonderful drink to drink during hot summers as this grass is cooling to the body. The tissue in the colon grass is sweet and cold, causing increased secretion of breast milk and urine.

Drinking colon grass water, which regulates blood pressure in the kidneys, removes the waste products of urea and creatine from the blood.

Colon grass has the ability to break up kidney stones.

Colon water quenches thirst. Ayurvedic sage Bhavaprakasar mentions that colon water is also very good for women suffering from pain in the kidney bag and heavy menstrual bleeding.

It can reduce liver infection and excessive bile secretion during jaundice. It cures hemorrhoids, hemorrhages, and possible kidney irritations caused by excess heat in the blood.

Gives a good taste to the tongue. Ayurvedic books Nikanduratnagaram and Rajanikandu mention that applying cogon water externally and internally can relieve the irritation and stabbing pain caused by nerve conjunctivitis.

Let's all try to get the full benefit of this special cogon water and stay healthy.

Let us conclude this article by saying that our lives will be better if we do not forget the old customs.