Let us stop seeking diseases through Natural food

Natural medicine philosophy states that disease is one and not many. But all other medicines including allopathy divides the diseases that occur in the organs of the body into various diseases, called by the name of the particular organ. For example, if the disease is in the eye, it is an eye disease, if it is in the tooth, it is a tooth disease, if it is in the ear, it is an ear disease, like this, head disease, nose disease, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, stomach disease, kidney disease, testicular disease, hemorrhoids and diseases by various names are categorized.

Thus, according to various diseases, various pills, injections, medicines, and herbs are practiced according to various medical tests. But the truth is that due to eating the wrong foods, a lot of dirt accumulates in the body and settles in the organ which is weak, attacks that organ and causes damage to that organ in the name of disease, causing the body to function incorrectly.

Eating the right foods helps the organs function properly and the body functions properly. For example, all foods cooked unnaturally over the fire are wrong foods and dirty foods. Therefore, the urine, feces, sweat, and body of a person who is in the habit of cooking, have become foul-smelling in nature due to eating dirty food.

Natural uncooked raw foods are perfect foods, pure foods. So the urine and feces of birds, animals, and all creatures that eat raw food are odorless. You could have noted that It is customary in our country to make idols with cow dung and cow urine is sprinkled in houses as sacred during religious rituals.

No matter how far birds and animals fly, walk and run, their bodies do not sweat. Only the human body sweats, flows and stinks to an unspeakable extent. So such natural principles prove that all cooked foods are improper & wrong & dirty foods and all uncooked & raw & natural foods are perfect pure foods.

All the physical and mental diseases of man are caused by wrongly dirty cooked food. It is because of eating dirty food that a lot of dirt accumulates in the human brain, which prompts a person to commit evil acts like rape, murder, robbery, enmity, greed, and madness.

In this world, religion, race, language, country, fanatical conflicts, and evil events like rape, murder, robbery, etc. should be avoided and efforts should be made to change people from cooked food to at least natural food to create peace.

Trying to switch from cooked vegetarian food to uncooked fruits, nuts, etc. is the main & essential & noble task of scholars, rulers, and experts.

Perfect & uncooked & raw & pure natural food for birds and animals is not causing them eye disease, tooth disease, ear disease, head disease, nose disease, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, stomach disease, kidney disease, testicular disease, or hemorrhoids. There is no other disease like leprosy, cancer, rheumatism, etc. that may occur.

All diseases are only for the man who eats wrong & cooked & dirty food.

The law of nature teaches us well that if we eat natural food, we do not need to undergo X-rays, scans, and other medical tests for any disease that occurs in humans. It is also clear that seeking any disease causes economic wastage, time wastage, energy wastage, and many other wastages.

Also, artificial radiation injected into our body through diagnostic tools can attack and damage the internal organs of our body. So let's stop looking for sickness and start looking for sickness.

However, we cannot completely switch to 100% uncooked food from today. So, try to reduce junk food as much as possible and eat clean homemade food. Avoid processed foods sold at roadside stalls.