True words!

The greatest asset a man should not lose in his last days is his wife.

It has been 16 days since Lakshmi passed away today.

Everything is over with yesterday. All the relations went to their town.

Murugesan woke up at 5 am as usual.

This is his 78-year habit.

He got up slowly and opened the door and came to the front door of the house.

Neighbors were splashing water on their doorsteps.

It was as if Lakshmi was standing by his side and asking if he would bring a bucket of water.

The dotted color rangoli that she was putting came into his mind and disappeared.

Grief turned into his complete stomach….

Everyone says men shouldn't cry...

But, Everyman cries twice in his life at any cost.

First, When losing his mother...

Second, When losing his wife...

It is six o'clock now.

As if the son and daughter-in-law are still sleeping.

The bedroom door is still not open.

For a minute his mind wandered back to the memories.

"Lakshmi, it's 5.25am. Still coffee not ready?

Wait a moment...

After saying, within a minute, she will appear with a tumbler of hot degree coffee."

It was seven o'clock. Hunger in the stomach came to the edge of the mouth...

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and his son and daughter-in-law came out...

He thinks that the coffee will come in another 5 minutes...

The daughter-in-law took the newspaper in her hand and sat on the couch and started reading.

Within ten minutes she was up from her place…

He is ready to drink coffee.

Drinking coffee in the morning is such a happy thing for him daily.

If the wife is gone, hunger, desire, taste, and everything also go with her or what?

In no time the daughter-in-law brought a cup of liquid which is not in brown color and also not in coffee color...

Daughter! I used to have a habit of drinking coffee only in the Tabra Tumblers...

And she answered it!

Uncle! From today, no coffee in our house...only tea, uncle! As soon as she said that, his heart was very hurt.

Lakshmi appeared and disappeared in front of him with Kumbakonam degree coffee. It is just his memory.

The son looked at the father's face.

At 8AM sharp, Lakshmi used to place the Tiffin on the dining table.

But today, Time is nine o'clock, and nothing had come to the table.

His Daughter-in-law just came and started telling.

Uncle! From now on, breakfast and lunch are not going to be made separately. Brunch means we can have lunch at 11:30.

78 years old breakfast habit changed.

The second time was heartbreaking.

The son looked up at his father.

At night, when Lakshmi is making dinner, she used to prepare many varieties.

She thinks that her son and daughter-in-law, who go to work, will enjoy and eat satisfactorily at night.

OK! He thought he would see what she would prepare at night for dinner.

Dear! - a voice came out from the bedroom.

When you go to the shopping street, buy 12 chapatis from that North Indian shop.

He gives Channa Dhaal as a side dish. She said we can eat that for dinner.

The son looked up at his father for the third time.

He understood his father's anger and helplessness.

Dad, I'm going to the shop... will you come with me?...

He knew that his son wanted to talk to him about something and both of them left for the shopping street.

When they came near the temple,

Dad, sit here, I want to talk to you.

Tell me, dear son!

Dad! I see your face since morning. I understand the pain in that.

Dad! Within sixteen days of Mother's disappearance, everything that was delicious in your mouth was gone with her...

Dad! you told me that when you get married to my mother, she was eighteen years old and you were twenty-three years old...

You didn't even look at each other before marriage...

However, there was a wonderful understanding between the two of you.

Mother has changed herself according to you in every matter.

She looked at your face every minute and fulfilled your needs.

She spend her entire life with you, to her you used to say I am your husband!

I am always right and do what I am saying! you used to command her always!

Even if you do that, my mother will value your word and live as if your happiness is her happiness in her complete lifetime.

Like you scolded Mom...

If I had scolded once in all these years of my marriage life...

My marriage life could have been over that day.

Yours is a sweet marriage life. A wonderful marriage without any ego, fuss, resistance, or expectations.

Now your daughter-in-law and I are united in marriage.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm the man who sees a good day and says I'll save you and give you the happiest life till the end,

She should also be the woman who says that she will never be separated from me in any part of her life.

That is the understanding of marriage.

But our marriage was not like that...

When we wake up, there is an ego clash between us.

She gets a salary of one lakh and thinks that I am not a slave to him...

I also think that she is talking as an arrogant person due to her huge earnings...

Not a single drop has changed in these 25 years of our marriage...

We are walking on the tip of the knife in our daily life.

I am 55 years old and she is... 50 years old.

After this age, divorce and all are abominable.

At least we should adjust for your grandson Varun and run the marriage life.

Even if you go and ask her, she will tell you the same thing.

Our marriage is not like yours. I got married when I was 29 and she was 24

We spent eight months trying to understand each other and dated..Then married...

In those eight months, everything seemed to be made for each other.

Everything changed when I tied a yellow string called thali around her neck…

She is mine! She can no longer make any decisions so easily, alone.

I am the most important person in her life. Nothing can be done in spite of me! The male arrogance started inside me...

Oh, so many differences of opinion, what to do?

I tied the thali! If I make a wrong decision, I have to answer to my family and relatives! She is also started afraid of that.

Now, we both are performing a beautiful drama called A Harmonious Marriage, which is admired by the villagers.

I said this is like walking on a knife.

This is today's marriage, Daddy!.

Dad, all your appetite and taste went with my mother.

So, like me, get used to eating what you get when you get it.

But father, spend the rest of your days thinking about your married life, which is a gift from God.

Come on! It's getting late and time to leave! He said.

Father holds his son's hand. He said that our generation is truly lucky.

A beautiful family with a wonderful wife, son, grandfather, and grandmother who understand each other...

This is a blessing from God.

I understand the life you live...

Looking at all of you, it is really very bad.

I will change myself from now on.

Don't worry.

He said that I will not cause any problems in your family, be calm.

This is the reality of life...

* to live....*

Moral of the story:-

If husband and wife live with competition as you or me, that life will surely be hell...

Married life is heaven only when you think that you and I live together...

The greatest asset a man should not lose in his last days is his wife...